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Nike Pegasus 40 Review (2024): The Best Daily Trainer?

Nike Pegasus 40 review

Published on: 06/20/2023

The Nike Pegasus 40 is a comfortable, durable, and versatile daily trainer for medium to long distances.

The Consensus

9.2Overall Score

NIKE’s star daily trainers delivering overall comfort, versatility, and durability.

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For its 40th model, Nike has chosen not to shake things up with Pegasus, the flagship shoe of its running series. The biggest change is the upper, with a new, sleeker mesh design. This allows the foot to breathe slightly better while offering precise locking.

As for the rest, we’re back to the formula that made the collection such a success: comfortable yet moderate and firm cushioning, classic drop, low but present bounce, and excellent durability. An obvious choice if you’re new to running but a little limited if you’re experienced and looking for a more advanced configuration.

Please read our full review of the Nike Pegasus 40 for more information.

Foot lockdown and protection


  • Great comfort
  • Stable ride
  • Effective lockdown
  • Durable shoe
  • Very accessible model for all levels
  • Attractive sneaker-style design


  • Little change; an aging shoe (e.g., foam is still the same, no ZoomX!)
  • Some people may find the underfoot feel a little too firm
  • We’re surprised it’s not a bit lighter than last year’s edition


Even if you’ve just started running, you’ve probably heard of the Nike Pegasus 40. It’s THE bestseller from the American brand! And to top it all off, here’s the shoe in its fortieth version!

Nike didn’t go all out to mark this edition. However, while not a substantial update, this new Pegasus does pack a few interesting changes. Read on to discover them and find out if these road shoes are right for you!

Nike Pegasus 40 reviews most exciting shoe in the collection so far


Let’s get right to the heart of the matter: comfort! The Pegasus 40 is a mass-market model designed to suit as many people as possible. That’s why we often recommend them to the running newcomers seeking our advice.

Comfort is immediate when you put these running shoes on. The lockdown is effective, with a precise fit, while the sole encapsulates the foot perfectly, especially in the middle of the arch.

Men’s vs. Women’s Version

The men’s and women’s versions are virtually identical. Technology and configuration are the same (e.g., sole). Only the fit is different (the women’s model is tighter). The colors are also different. The best thing is to try them both. You might be surprised!

Cushioning and Underfoot Feel

With a 33 mm heel stack height (23 mm for the forefoot), the Nike Pegasus 40 delivers comfortable cushioning that absorbs shock well. This model features Nike React foam with two Zoom Air units (one in the rear and one in the front).

Overall, the feel is rather firm without being too stiff or hard. This configuration has the advantage of providing a good underfoot structure for improved stability.

runner testing the Nike Pegasus 40 on a long run

Overall, there are few changes to the midsole and cushioning compared to previous versions, especially the Pegasus 39. If you liked it in the past, then you’ll be happy with this new version.

Bounce and Energy Return

It’s all relative. As a versatile daily trainer, the Nike Pegasus 40 does pretty well in terms of responsiveness, with a slight bounce to each stride that saves your energy a little. However, it’s not a competition or speed shoe, and certainly not a carbon-plate racer.

Nike Pegasus 40 react midsole

Simply put, responsiveness is average and sufficient for your long runs at a slow or moderate pace or even tempo. If you’re looking for shoes to improve your running performance specifically, a different running shoe might be more appropriate.

Support Type

The Nike Pegasus 40 is a neutral running shoe, meaning it should be suitable for all runners. Moreover, its slightly firm platform provides a good frame to guide your foot and keep your ride stable, even at the end of a session when you’re tired.

Nike Pegasus 40 react foam midsole gives a firm ride

Nike Pegasus 40 for Overpronators

Officially, the Nike Pegasus 40 is not a stability shoe for overpronation. It offers no special support to correct your gait and prevent the foot from rolling while running.

However, we argue it’s suitable for runners with slight pronation. If you’re used to advanced support, it’s best not to change and opt for your usual model or a similar one for overpronation.

Heel-to-Toe Drop

The heel-to-toe drop of these running shoes is 10 mm, which is medium to high. This type of offset between heel and toes makes it easier to roll off the foot but directs your attack toward the back of the foot.

There’s no absolute answer in this area. You have to trust your feeling and experience. However, a drop ranging between 8 to 10 mm is pretty standard and will suit most people.

Nike Pegasus 40 single-layer mesh upper with horizontal laces

Foot Lockdown

The comfortable upper is a thin, lightweight, single-layer engineered mesh that wraps perfectly around the foot. The more traditional lacing system has a horizontal design, which is efficient and well-suited for runners with wide feet.

Breathability and weather protection

The mesh is thin and breathable, ensuring good ventilation inside the shoe. This is particularly pleasant for daily training on hot summer days.

Surprisingly, the Nike Pegasus 40 is also suitable for lower temperatures, as it provides good protection from the cold.

Nike Pegasus upper toe box

Sizing and Fit

The Nike Pegasus 40 fits true to size. For example, if you’re used to wearing a running shoe size 9, you can opt for the same size.

What’s more, the shoe is wide enough to suit wider feet. If you need more room, the Pegasus 40 is also available in a wide version.

Nike Pegasus Forty woman's model

Shoe Weight

The men’s version weighs 9.4 oz / 267 g, while the women’s model weighs 9 oz / 255 g. This is standard for a trainer, but we’re surprised that this edition is heavier than the previous version in the Nike Pegasus line (0.4 oz / 12 g more).

Running Scenarios

As you can see, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40 is a trainer designed for easy miles, daily running, and longer runs at slow to moderate speeds.

Also, it’s relatively versatile and lends itself equally well to fast running tempo or fartlek sessions. It may also be suitable for interval training, but more experienced athletes will undoubtedly prefer another dedicated model.

Nike Pegasus 40 a great running shoe according to our testers

Long Distances and Marathon

With its comfortable, cushioned design, the Pegasus 40 is ideal for covering many miles in preparation for a marathon or half marathon.

As for the race itself, it will depend on your objectives. Many athletes opt for this model on race day, as it’s a reliable pair of shoes. Also, wearing the same model you’ve been training in for weeks is reassuring.

Professional Nike runner

However, if you’ve already run a few races and want a competition shoe to help you set the fastest time, a higher-performance model like the Nike Vaporfly is the way to go.

Grip on Different Surfaces

This solid shoe features a durable blown rubber outsole (Duralon) for great traction on urban surfaces such as asphalt sidewalks, even when the road is wet.

NIke Pegasus 40 rubber outsole traction

The Nike Pegasus 40 is not a trail running shoe but is potentially suitable for easy (dry, low-impact) off-road running, like on dirt paths and light trails.

Finally, the design with embossed pattern and flex grooves ensures good flexibility to promote easy transitions between different shoe zones.

Durability and Value for Money

If there’s one thing the Pegasus has going for, it’s its rugged, mileage-heavy construction. Rightfully often labeled as a reliable workhorse, this model will easily exceed 500 miles, more than enough for a complete training cycle followed by a race.

Also, the price remains affordable and tends to drop quickly during sales. This makes it a good deal and a safe bet.

Nike Pegasus 40 2023  running shoe


Without being absolutely exceptional or breathtaking, the Nike Pegasus 40 is an exciting shoe that continues to do what it does best: be comfortable, slightly responsive, accessible, and durable for all your training and races, from 5Ks to marathons.


Nike Pegasus 40 heel counter

Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutral
Drop10 mm
Heel height33 mm
Forefoot height23 mm
Weight (men)267 g/9.4 oz
Weight (women)255 g/9 oz
FeaturesWide feet
Release year2023
PriceCheck prices




OutsoleDuralon Blown Rubber, Flexible Grooves
MidsoleReact, Zoom Air
UpperEngineered mesh technique


SpeedSlow, Moderate
DistanceMid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
WorkoutDaily running

Comparisons – Nike Pegasus 40 vs.:

Special edition of the Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 40
  • Nike Pegasus 40 vs. 39: these two models have very few differences. The sole is virtually identical, with the same technologies and the same stack height. Only the mesh changes with a new, simpler, and thinner design.
  • Nike Pegasus 40 vs. Infinity Run Flyknit 3: the Pegasus 40 has a firmer underfoot and offers less pronation support. See detailed comparison.
  • Nike Pegasus 40 vs. Adidas Boston 11: the Boston has a more cushioned ride and features carbon plates for a more responsive ride.
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