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Asics GT 2000 10 Review (2024): Good Stable Daily Trainer?

Asics GT 2000 10 review

Last update: May 2024

The Asics GT 2000 10 is a stability shoe with medium support. This new version is softer and more flexible.

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9.1Overall score
Very good, stable, and comfortable running shoe for daily running
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The Asics GT 2000 10 is the Japanese brand’s flagship light stability shoe for slight/moderate overpronation.

This new version offers a softer and more flexible configuration. As a result, the underfoot feel is soft and comfortable with good shock absorption. The FlyteFoam Propel foam proves effective and even offers a slight rebound (rare for stability shoes). However, testers that the sole is thin under the forefoot (14 mm for men, 13 mm for women), decreasing comfort during long runs. Under the heel, we have 22 mm stack height for the men’s version and 21 mm for the women’s model. Therefore, we lose 7 mm compared to the v9. The heel-to-toe drop is 8 mm compared to 10 mm on the previous versions.

For stability, the LiteTruss technology replaces Trusstic, and DuoMax disappears entirely for a softer correction.

For the rest, the engineered knit upper offers an effective lockdown but is loose and flexible for more comfort. The design is more streamlined with fewer overlays and no fully rigid heel counter. The rubber outsole still offers impeccable traction and optimal durability.

Overall, the Asics GT 2000 10 is a clear improvement with this new sleeker, softer, and more comfortable configuration. Hopefully, the next version will be lighter with more cushion.

Please read our full review of the Asics GT 2000 10 for more information.
Foot lockdown
Value for money
  • Great comfort
  • Soft cushioning with a slight bounce
  • Discreet foot support for overpronation
  • Flexible lockdown
  • Sturdy shoe
  • Slightly thin stack for runners who prefer good cushioning, especially under the forefoot
  • Still a bit heavy, especially looking at the stack height

Asics GT 2000 10 Complete Review Analysis


Asics GT 2000 10 review light stability shoe

Alongside the Kayano, the GT 2000 is a popular stability shoe for light overpronation that runners appreciate for its efficiency and reliability despite a somewhat complicated configuration.

It’s good news: Asics has simplified this 10th version to eliminate the extra while keeping the essential. Gone are the Trusstic and DuoMax corrections; we move to soft support for light guidance of the stride.

Is the Asics GT 2000 10 suitable for you? That’s what we’ll determine by analyzing runners’ tests.


Asics GT 2000 10 midsole cushioning

FlyteFoam Propel, Rearfoot GEL, LiteTruss

Despite its appearance, the sole of the Asics GT 2000 10 is relatively thin, with 22 mm (men) / 21 mm (women) under the heel. The drop decreases from 10 to 8 mm (in line with the 2021 trend that favors a lower drop). We let you do the math: the cushioning is light (not to say minimal) under the toes. It’s not a dramatic point, but some testers noted that they would prefer more padding under the forefoot.

While previous versions had a firm heel, the GT 2000 10’s dual-density midsole offers softer cushioning. The Rear GEL cushioning contributes to comfortable cushioning, as does the FlyteFloam Propel technology that equips the midsole on its entire length.

The result is soft and flexible, which is a significant change in the series.

Then, in terms of support, as we told you in the introduction, Asics favors a gentle correction using raised padded walls (also FlyteFoam). There’s also LiteTruss at the back, which is part of the 3D Space Construction design. Thus, the goal is to prevent the foot from “rolling” outwards while running.

Finally, let’s mention here that it’s a matter of personal preference. If you overpronate, we recommend trying it to see if this configuration suits you. In some cases, neutral shoes (with or without orthopedic insoles) are a better solution.

Foot lockdown (upper)

Asics GT 2000 10 mesh comfortable upper

Engineered knit

Do you like a plush and flexible fit but don’t want to risk spraining your ankle at every turn? You’re in for a treat!

The new upper of the Asics GT 2000 10 has a more streamlined design: seamless and with few overlays. We finally got rid of the horrible ‘Heel Clutch’ that weighed down the shoe and could cause pain for runners with Achilles tendon problems. The lower part of the internal heel counter remains rigid, but there’s an improvement. Also, the heel collar is lightly padded for more comfort.

For all that, the GT 2000 keeps the same weight: 9.9 oz/280 g for the men’s version and 8.4 oz/238 g for women. It seems that the weight reduction from the sole has been neutralized by the new knit upper.

Asics GT 2000 10 heel collar

The testers noted that the engineered mesh is very comfortable. It’s stretchy, which gives a relatively relaxed lockdown: ideal for daily runs, a little less for intense sprints.

Asics had comfort first in mind when crafting this shoe, and the result is very satisfactory.

Last but not least, the Asics GT 2000 10 has a true to size classic fit and should be suitable for stability runners with wider feet thanks to its spacious toe box.

Grip and durability


There are no significant changes in the outsole. It’s an area where Asics can be trusted to provide a rugged configuration that can easily handle the long miles. Also, the flex grooves give it decent flexibility.

The forefoot part of the outsole uses AHAR, a soft but durable rubber to provide traction and protect the shoe from wear without compromising flexibility.

Then, under the heel is AHAR+, the brand’s carbon rubber used in the areas most likely to be damaged quickly with abrasion.

Therefore, the outsole is robust and delivers a good grip on the road, even in rainy weather.

The Ride

GT 2000 10 road running shoes

As you can expect from stability shoes, the Asics GT 2000 10 delivers a supportive and stable ride. However, testers note that the “guidance” of the shoe is discrete (less pronounced than on a Kayano, for example). Thus, the Asics GT 2000 10 may also be suitable for neutral runners.

Second, runners who tried the shoe found the GT 2000 to offer comfortable cushioning with a slight energy return.

So, the FlyteFoam Propel effectively provides a little bit of bounce, which is rare on this type of shoe. As such, it may not be the best choice for tempo work, but overall, the shoe is versatile.


GT 2000 10 Asics

Asics had a great year with many successes (like the Asics MetaSpeed Sky), and it’s modernizing its series with sleeker, lighter, and, quite simply, more fun shoes.

It was a tricky gamble with the GT 2000, one of the brand’s most popular shoes. But it’s successful. This tenth version is not lighter, but it’s softer, more flexible, and more responsive.

Overall, it makes it an excellent option for athletes looking for stable shoes for daily training.


Technical Specs

Pronation typeOverpronation
Drop8 mm
Heel stack height22 mm
Forefoot stack height14 mm
Weight (men)9.9 oz
Weight (women)8.4 oz
Release year2021


Softness (1-5)4 – Soft
Bounce (1-5)3 – Moderate


OutsoleAHAR, AHAR+
MidsoleFlyteFoam Propel, LiteTruss, Rearfoot GEL
UpperEngineered knit


SpeedSlow, moderate
DistanceShort, mid, long, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon
WorkoutDaily runs

Comparisons – Asics GT 2000 10 vs.:

Asics GT 2000 9

The GT 2000 version 10 offers softer cushioning under the foot, especially under the heel. The upper lockdown is also more flexible. It has a more straightforward design and gets rid of Heel Clutch at the heel. The overlays are also more discreet.

In terms of cushioning, the heel stack is 7 mm lower, which is not negligible. The testers noted that the cushioning is particularly thin under the forefoot, with only 14 mm for men and 13 mm for women.

Finally, the GT 2000 10 is gentle in terms of stability and gets rid of the Trusstic System and DuoMax aids. LiteTruss replaces the first one, making the support less obtrusive. It works by adding support to the medial side of the arch. For the rest, the FlyteFoam foam walls inside the shoe serve to lock in the foot to guide the stride.

Overall, the Asics GT 2000 10 is an improvement but beware if you need extra cushion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Asics GT 2000 10 fit true to size?

Yes, it does!

Is it a good shoe for overpronation?

Yes, the Asics GT 2000 is a stability shoe designed specifically to prevent overpronation. However, the support is light to medium. So you need to make sure that it will be enough for you.


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