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Asics GT 2000 11 Review (2024): How Good Is This Stability Shoe?

Asics GT 2000 11 review

Published on: 09/25/2023

Asics GT 2000 11 is a decent upgrade to the popular mid-level stability shoe series with notably better responsiveness.


8.4Overall Score

A softer, lighter, and bouncier version for Asics’ everyday stability trainer.

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The newest lightweight stable shoe from Asics takes the learnings from various other models and sits in between the famous Gel Kayano and the budget-friendly GT 1000. Fans of the brand will discover a mellow ride suitable for everyday training.

The new Asics GT 2000 v11 features LITETRUSS technology that improves medial support and midfoot integrity. It also has a lightweight mesh upper with adaptive fit, meant to mould to the foot’s natural shape for an extra comfortable ride. And there’s a good amount of recycled materials used in manufacturing it – notably, 50% of the upper.

For many runners, however, the redesigned toe box doesn’t give feet all the space needed to expand on longer runs. This could make the GT 2000 11 more of a candidate for shorter workouts. Some also complain about an overly padded tongue, despite the breathable mesh upper.

All in all, this latest version of the Asics GT 2000 is a really solid choice for everyday running with medium support for light overpronators. It can be enjoyed on regular training runs, but doesn’t have enough bounce and isn’t cushioned enough for marathon racing or for particularly long outings.

Please read our full review of the Asics GT 2000 11 for more information.

Foot lockdown and protection


  • Lighter than previous models
  • Stable but not overbearing support
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Decent price point


  • Thicker tongue
  • Slightly narrow toe box


Asics GT 2000 11 reviews

The Asics GT 2000 has established itself as the brand’s reliable stability shoe, neither too soft nor too firm for all moderate overpronators. Learning from the technological developments that Asics has deployed with its other models, its 11th iteration brings welcome improvements across the board.

Never the most exciting shoes, the GT 2000 11 pick up the baton from previous models, maintaining the no-frills medium support that gained the GT 2000 10 their devoted followers. The new version will continue to appeal to light overpronators, but also to neutral runners. In our complete review analysis, we check all the improvements compared to models prior to this version to find out if the Asics GT 2000 11 is worth upgrading to.

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Asics GT 2000 11 cushioning foam

In the new GT 2000 11, Asics features stable cushioning and a gender-specific support system which makes it interesting to female runners looking for something more tailored to their anatomy. Slightly more supportive and comfortable for many reviewers than the best-selling Brooks Adrenaline, this new trainer features the brand’s signature FlightFoam Blast midsole. This replaces the previous version’s FlightFoam cushioning under the ball of the foot, also extending over the arch and heel to give a soft, lightweight bounce. Finally, a gel pad under the heel reduces shocks on landing.

The FF Blast also adds to the toe spring and gives runners a bit more of a forward push than other models. Under the heel and through the midfoot, Asics’ LITETRUSS technology contributes to creating a stable ride. There’s a decent amount of protection for runners from the firmness of this material, which primarily prevents the foot rolling inwards when you run. However, the FF Blast foam keeps this firmness from becoming a nuisance if you’re more of a neutral runner.

GT 2000 11 from Asics men's vs women's version

Forefoot height for the GT 2000 11 is advertised as 14 mm for women and 15 mm for men, while the heel height is 22 mm and 23 mm, respectively. The ensuing 8 mm drop is perfect for a stable everyday trainer which you can wear for pretty much any workout.

Energy return

There is slightly more cushioning in the GT 2000 11, which makes it a bit more dynamic than its predecessor. That’s thanks to the updated midsole, now featuring FF Blast foam that will also promote softer landings for beginners.

Also thanks to the FF Blast midsole, the GT 2000 v11 has a more responsive rebound. Coupled with the LITETRUSS support, this gives the shoe smooth transitions and a little spring, although many reviews think it’s a duller toe off than previous GT 2000 shoes. The beveled heel and cushioned heel counter all contribute to a feeling of improved stability and forward propulsion.

Asics GT 2000 11 heel counter

As for the weight, the v11 of the GT 2000 shoes comes in at 8.2 oz / 235 g in size 8 women and 9.6 oz / 275 g in size 9 men. It’s a pretty standard shoe, especially for a daily trainer.

Support and gait type

Traditionally, the GT 2000 line offers good support against overpronation, without feeling too invasive throughout the gait cycle. From runners with flat feet to those who just want a bit of medial support, the 11th version continues to offer a smooth and stable ride.

Thanks to a stack height of 22 mm down to 14 mm (heel to toe) in the women’s design and 23 mm down to 15 mm in the men’s, the GT 2000 11 doesn’t climb too far off the road. This increases the feeling of stability and reliability.

Finally, a lot of users appreciate the padded heel collar and gentle heel counter. Combined with the FF Blast cushioning in the midsole, which is just springy enough while offering soft landing, this makes the Asics GT 2000 11 a middle-of-the-road stability shoe that can accommodate most gaits and experience levels.

Foot Lockdown

Asics GT 2000 11 engineered mesh upper

On the upper, Asics have gone for jacquard mesh that’s breathable and made with 50% recycled materials. The result is a successfully adaptive fit that cradles the forefoot and gives a feeling of comfort without excess volume.

Most runners will find that the 11th GT 2000 is more breathable, a bonus especially in hot weather. For wider feet, there is a good level of stretch, too.

The only Achilles’ heel in terms of foot comfort seems to be the toebox. Most reviews consider it too secure and tight-fitting, not allowing for foot expansion after a few miles.

male runner wearing Asics road running shoes

Fit and sizing

The GT 2000 11 shoe design benefits from adaptive fit – a soft, breathable upper that moves with the foot and adapts to your anatomic shape. This is also great for security, negating the need to tighten laces excessively.

Thanks to the flexibility of the upper, wide-footed athletes can find enough space in this updated GT 2000. However, if needed, the Asics GT 2000 series is also available in wide sizes.


Asics GT 2000 11 road running shoe

Most light pronators will find the Asics GT 2000 11 ticks all the boxes for stability shoes for all weather, workouts, and fitness levels. Thanks to just the right balance of cushioned comfort and guiding medial support, the new GT 2000 stands out for its versatility.

To reduce overconsumption and stay on a budget, you can take the Asics GT 2000 11 on all your runs, perhaps only missing out race days. However, they shine on recovery runs, everyday jogs and general daily training including the gym. They lack the oomph you’d want in an speed training shoe, so leave them at home on intervals and tempo runs if you have a more dynamic pair.


Asics have been using AHAR outsole rubber materials for some time, offering decent grip in most weather conditions on different terrains (mostly tarmac and treadmill, some hard packed dirt tracks). For the GT 2000 11, it’s an AHAR+ compound that’s been used, just like in the previous version. Its durability and reliability add to both shoes’ versatility.

Value and Sustainability

Asics GT 2000 11 rubber outsole

Retailing at $140, the 11th GT 2000 sits in the middle of the moderate stability shoe range, offering good value for money. It’s cheaper than the more supportive Gel Kayano and also pretty long-lasting.

The AHAR+ outsole rubber is both protective and sturdy. You’ll get a smooth ride for many runs from it, as users report it performs equally well on roads and on treadmills. As for the jacquard mesh upper, it moulds to the foot and provides good coverage, without looking flimsy. In fact, most reviews think the tongue is too thick.

All this points to a reliable, long-term investment with the GT 2000 11, a perfect everyday choice among other stability trainers like New Balance and Brooks models, but a little lighter perhaps.

Asics FF BLAST technology

Carbon footprint and animal welfare

Asics state that a minimum of 50% of this new shoe’s main upper material is made with recycled content. This is, however, all the sustainable reference you’ll get on the 11th GT 2000, which can be considered insufficient compared to some greener-minded competitors.


Asics GT 2000 11 on feet

If you’re looking for more stability than neutral everyday trainers and enjoy the Asics design and cushioning, the GT 2000 11 is an excellent choice. For runners with moderately low arches or flat feet, the GT 2000 11 delivers a relatively comfortable and energetic ride, upgraded from the previous model thanks to better, more springy cushioning.

Cutting down on weight and looking to increase speed, Asics have returned the GT 2000 closer to some earlier iterations that die-hard fans will recognize and appreciate. Additionally, new and innovative materials like the FF Blast foam also allow the GT 2000 11 to stay light, but supportive.

Choose this new shoe for extra support on recovery and easy runs, but leave it at home for speed work. It’s versatile, durable, and moderately fun – worth the investment, but not necessarily the upgrade from the v10 unless your old shoes are completely out of order.


GT 2000 11 Asics

Technical Specs

Pronation typeOverpronation (stability)
Drop8 mm
Heel height23 mm
Forefoot height15 mm
Weight (men)275 g/9.7 oz
Weight (women)235 g/8.3 oz
FeaturesRecycled materials
Release year2023
PriceCheck prices




OutsoleAHARPLUS Rubber
MidsoleFLYTEFOAM, FF BLAST, Rearfoot GEL, LITETRUSS, OrthoLite X-30 Sockliner
UpperJacquard Mesh


SpeedSlow, Moderate
DistanceShort, 5K, Mid, 10K, Half marathon
WorkoutDaily running

Comparisons – Asics GT 2000 11 vs.:

GT 2000 10

The Asics GT 2000 11 adds an extra millimeter of stack height, also replacing the FlyteFoam to FF Blast cushion in the midsole. These changes make the new model a bit lighter, while improving bounce. It continues to give structure to overpronators, a smooth enough heel to toe transition, and a moderately responsive ride.

For those looking to upgrade, the 11th version of the GT 2000 also features an added 50% recycled upper, making it a better shoe for the environment.

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