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Salomon Ultra Glide Review Analysis (2022)

Salomon Ultra Glide

Last update: February 2024

The Salomon Ultra Glide is a comfortable, lightweight, responsive, and cushioned trail shoe for racing and daily runs.

The Consensus

9.2Overall score
A trail running shoe cut out for long distances that can take on most technical terrains
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The Ultra Glide is an impressive trail shoe that benefits from all the know-how of Salomon, one of the leaders when it comes to trail running.

Testers unanimously approved of its comfortable cushioning. They note that the Energy Surge midsole offers a very lively ride for such relatively lightweight shoes. The ride is excellent: peppy, fun, and suitable for ultramarathons and daily runs alike

Next, the fit is spacious and precise. The toe box is relatively wide, especially when you compare it to the other Salomon shoes. It makes it a good choice for runners with wider feet. The upper is wraparound, breathable and comfortable. Also, the bumper is durable and protects the toes well.

These trail shoes feature the SensiFit system for security and stability. Salomon’s signature Quicklace system completes the package and promotes the best possible fit, even on very thin feet.

The grip on the ground is very good on various terrains. According to many runners, the outsole is grippy and comfortable enough for long distances on technical trails. However, while very decent, some testers note that the Ultra Glide can be insufficient on very difficult terrains like treacherous mountain ridges or really soft mud.

Another potential issue is the durability of the outsole rubber, which doesn’t seem as good as on other Salomon shoes like the Speedcross.

Overall, the Salomon Ultra Glide is a very good trail shoe for runners looking for a lightweight and performance model. Quite versatile, they can tackle most trails even though they may be limited on very challenging grounds.

Read our full review of the Salomon Ultra Glide for more information.
Foot lockdown
Value for money
  • Good grip on most terrains
  • Comfortable and responsive midsole
  • Well-fitting upper
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable in comparison to similar trail shoes
  • The outsole seems to have some durability issues
  • The grip that is not optimal on very technical terrain

Salomon Ultra Glide Complete Review Analysis


Salomon Ultra Glide review

Ultramarathon runners have been waiting for a long time for Salomon to offer a suitable and comfortable shoe for this type of distance. There was the Sense Pro Max, but trail runners didn’t really like them because of their heavy and clunky build.

The Salomon UltraGlide trail running shoes, released in 2021, are nothing like that. Their sleek and eye-catching design immediately appealed to many runners. And even if it’s not the style that makes the shoe, it’s still an important point for a shoe to become iconic!

With a weight of 9.9 oz/281 grams, a 38 mm heel stack height, and a drop of 6 mm, they do seem very promising. But how do they perform? Continue reading to find out.

Grip and durability

Salomon UltraGlide rubber outsole

The brand has chosen to make the outsole of the Salomon Ultra Glide in Contagrip MA. This is a technology that equips other Salomon trail models like the S/Lab Ultra 3 or Sense Pro. With 4 mm lugs, it’s versatile and excels on most terrains.

On this shoe, the outsole seems to be a bit softer than the aforementioned models. It’s a good match with soft midsole foam and it helps to improve flexibility for more comfort and responsiveness.

According to the testers, the outsole doesn’t have major drawbacks. However, the grip is not perfect and the shoe can be a bit slippery on the muddy ground. Also, it’s not as durable as what Salomon delivers with other shoes. To be fair, the shoe is more affordable but still, that’s no excuse!


Salomon Ultra Glide midsole cushioning

Engineers decided to use Energy Surge foam for the midsole. It’s a dual-density foam: a firm material makes up the top layer while a softer one shapes the bottom layer. This double layer promotes a very comfortable and bouncy ride.

The brand describes this new foam as a blend of Olefin and EVA. It’s a technology that we already find with Optivibe but better, at least according to Salomon. It provides a very accessible and soft experience overall, perfect for supporting the foot over very long distances. Combined with a wider platform, it also provides more stability.

Salomon Ultra Glide on feet

The sole also comes with a foam insert in the heel for better rock protection. Testers note that it’s quite effective. However, it’s not perfect and some trail runners note that they can still feel sharp pointy rocks under their foot in some situations.

Also, with its 38 mm heel height and 6 mm drop, this max cushion shoe naturally leans towards long distances and testers confirm that it’s exactly what it’s for. Most runners say that it’s a great shoe that remains comfortable over time, even on rough terrain. Some even recommend it for ultramarathon running.

Foot lockdown (upper)

Salomon Ultra Glide mesh upper

The Ultra Glide’s upper translates into Open Mesh 3D. An intricate set of overlays makes it soft and flexible. It also has integrated Sensifit wings that help wrap the foot and provide stability.

The mesh fabric, which covers the upper, is very breathable. It makes this upper comfortable in hot weather. However, some testers note, however, that in humid weather, it can quickly get soaked.

The Sensifit system is well-known to testers. It’s present on other models of the brand and brings a plus to the Ultra Glide. It allows you to customize the fit. Combined with the Salomon Quicklace system, it offers excellent foot lockdown.

Salomon Ultra Glide trail runner unboxing

However, some testers regret that the shoe’s eyelets are made of steel. For some, when tightening the shoe for optimal tension, they press a little on the ankle, which is not pleasant.

The toe box is more spacious than on other Salomon shoes. It’s a plus as feet tend to swell over very long distances. It also helps to accommodate most foot shapes and sizes.

With 9.9 oz/281 grams on the scale, the Ultra Glide trail running shoe is a pleasant surprise (it’s about 0.7 oz/20 g less than the Speedgoat 4, for example). It’s especially impressive considering the high stack of the shoe.

The Ride

Salomon Ultra Glide heel counter

According to the reviewers, the Salomon Ultra Glide trail running shoes are versatile and provide a unique cushioning on the market. Their Contagrip outsole, combined with Energy Surge midsole foam, helps provide a very soft and smooth landing. Also, the rockered design (or Reverse Camber as Salomon calls it) also favors a smooth transition from the rear to the front. This feeling is especially true in the more technical segments. It’s rare enough for a high-stack shoe to be highlighted!

Moreover, despite the above, there are no stability issues. It’s something that many feared but Salomon managed to avoid the obvious pitfall. On the contrary, the shoe remains very secure.

The upper, too, is very popular with runners. For them, it provides comfort and security, regardless of trail running conditions. All the inner materials are soft and cushy and give the feeling of (almost) being in slippers.

Salomon Ultra Glide breathable mesh zoom

The testers are surprised by the rather pronounced rocker of this shoe. They find that it brings responsiveness and flexibility to this model. For them, it reminds the sensations that one can have on the road, but in a form adapted to the trail running.


Ultra Glide Salomon

The Salomon Ultra Glide is a great 2021 surprise with its responsive ride, soft cushion, and more than decent grip. It’s a good choice for ultramarathon runners looking for performance and lightness. What’s more, the generous yet secure fit makes it suitable for wider feet too!

From beginners to advanced trail runners, these Salomon trail shoes have a great range. It can be used as a long-distance shoe. However, many testers have also picked them as their go-to shoes for daily training. Also, they are quite suitable for shorter distances, especially if you plan to race.


Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutral
Drop6 mm
Heel stack height34 mm
Forefoot stack height28 mm
Weight (men)281 g/9.9 oz
Weight (women)258 g/9.1 oz
FeaturesRocker design
Release year2021


Softness (1-5)4 – Soft
Bounce (1-5)4 – Bouncy


OutsoleContagrip MA
MidsoleReverse Camber, Energy Surge
Upper3D Air Mesh, Quicklace system, Sensifit


DistanceMid, long, ultramarathon
WorkoutCompetition, daily runs

Reference: Salomon’s official site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Salomon Ultra Glide fit?

This shoe runs true to size and has a toe box ample enough for wide feet.

Is it a good shoe for the ultramarathon?

Yes, it was designed with this distance in mind. However, some runners do not find its grip sufficient for very difficult trails. So you have to consider your experience and the type of trails to decide.

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