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The Asics Gel Kayano 27 is a good road shoe for overpronation that offers comfort and stability besides being sturdy.

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Good stability road running shoe : comfortable and robust
The Asics Gel Kayano 27 is the model with the longest longevity in the Asics range with now 27 iterations to date. This classic was created by the product designer Toshikazu Kayano, who gave it his name. He is now retired, which says something about the age of this collection! So is the Kayano still worth the detour in 2020 or is it just a relic from another era? First of all, it should be noted that, though it hasn't lost weight (unfortunately), the shoe now has a more streamlined design to the point of resembling the Gel Cumulus 22. Thus, while still featuring as many technologies as before, it has a clean and compact design overall. The sole is relatively thin with 22 mm under the heel (24 mm for women) and 12 mm under the forefoot (11 mm for women). It features FlyteFoam and FlyteFoam Propel foams and GEL units for comfortable cushioning. According to the testers, the result is convincing without being really springy. Indeed, the Kayano is a stability shoe and, therefore, offers a traditional configuration that works to stabilize the foot while running to avoid overpronation. On this regard, the Dynamic DuoMax and the Space Trusttic technologies guide the foot softly. This will appeal to runners who are looking for a stability shoe that is not too strict. Therefore, the Kayano 27 is comfortable and stable with a secure foot lockdown. This configuration doesn't really shine during tempo sessions but is a solid choice for recovery training and long runs. Finally, the Kayano 27 is a sturdy shoe designed to last, which compensates a little for its high price tag. In summary, the Asics Gel Kayano 27 is a good stability shoe that offers a comfortable, robust and relatively flexible configuration.
Value for money
  • Good overall comfort
  • Upper that provides a secure yet breathable foot lockdown
  • Sturdy shoe
  • Effective and stable foot support for overpronation
  • Flexible platform despite the weight of the shoe
  • Relatively heavy shoe
  • Cushioning that lacks responsiveness
  • The rigid external heel counter that could be replaced by something a bit softer

Model: Asics Gel Kayano 27



Heel to toe drop

10 mm, 13 mm

Heel stack height

22 mm, 24 mm

Forefoot stack height

11 mm, 12 mm


Weight (men)

315 g/11.1 oz

Weight (women)

249 g/8.8 oz

Release year


Bounce (1-5)

2 – Low

Softness (1-5)

3 – Moderate


Half marathon, Mid distance, Marathon, Long distance


Slow, Moderate


Daily running

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  • Firstly, the AHAR technology equips the outsole of the Asics Gel Kayano 27. This translates into an ultra-resistant rubber that protects the shoe from abrasion due to friction on urban surfaces. In addition, its spongy texture improves the cushioning of the shoe. Furthermore, athletes can run serenely on the roads in rainy weather thanks to the flawless traction of the outsole.


  • The midsole combines FlyteFoam and FlyteFoam Propel foams. These reactive and lightweight foams developed by the Japanese brand are supposed to offer maximum energy return. They are made of a unique elastomer that guarantees excellent responsiveness throughout the run, even at the end of the shoe’s life. They also use organic superfibers to prevent the midsole from sagging over time. Indeed, this is something common, especially with low density foams. This configuration provides comfortable shock absorption at the moment of impact for a more enjoyable ride.
  • Moreover, there is the famous GEL technology: a silicone-based cushioning unit. There is one under the heel and one under the toe to ensure comfortable impact dispersion.
  • There is also the Dynamic DuoMax Support System that translates into 3 mm thick firm foam walls. These are designed to correct excessive pronation of the foot while running.
  • Then, Space Trusttic reduces the weight of the midsole while increasing its structure. Thus, this technology should contribute to a better support of the foot and improve the durability of the shoe.
  • In addition, Impact Guidance System (IGS) also equips the shoe. It is a system that adjusts the centre of pressure of the shoe to help the runner fluidify his stride. This technology is based on the philosophy of the Japanese brand, which wants to complement and not change the runner’s natural movement.
  • Finally, the EVA insole adapts to the anatomy of the foot and completes the cushioning of the shoe.


  • The upper of the Asics Gel Kayano 27 uses an engineered mesh that keeps the foot securely in place during running sessions for ideal comfort. In addition, it is configured to maximize the airflow to allow the foot to breathe while running, especially when it’s hot outside.
  • In addition, the external heel clutch comfortably holds the foot for a pleasant and effective support.
  • The reflective materials provide 360° visibility to run more safely in low-light conditions.
  • Finally, the traditional lacing system allows comfortable adjustment of the laces around the foot to avoid annoying pressure points.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does the Asics Gel Kayano 27 run true to size?

This road running stability shoe uses a regular sizing system. Runners who tried it so far report that it indeed runs true to size. You can therefore opt for your usual running shoe size. However, if this is your first Asics model, it’s a good idea to visit the store to make sure you choose the best size possible.

Is this model suitable for overpronation?

The purpose of this model is to stabilize the stride and prevent pronation of the foot during running. Therefore, this shoe has been developed especially for runners with overpronation who want to correct their movement. However, it should be noted that for the moment there are no scientific studies demonstrating the advantage of this type of shoe over neutral running shoes in reducing the risk of injury (independently of the type of pronation of the runner). We, therefore, recommend running with comfortable shoes first and foremost.

Is this road shoe suitable for heavy runners (85 kg or more)?

Only one study so far has looked at the correlation between weight, sole thickness, and risk of injury. According to the findings of this study, minimalist footwear may increase the risk of injury for athletes weighing more than 71 kg. Apart from this, there is no advice for other categories of running shoes. The Kayano 27 Gel offers a 22 mm sole under the heel and should therefore be adapted to your morphology whatever your weight.

Is it possible to run a marathon or half marathon with these shoes?

This Asics road shoe is suitable for different types of training and distances. So you can wear it during your daily sessions, whether you are working on distance or speed. As for the marathon or half marathon, it depends mainly on your preferences. If you can run comfortably in these shoes during training of various distances over several months, then they should be a good choice for your event.

Comparisons – Asics Gel Kayano 27 vs :

Asics Gel Nimbus 23

See the detailed side-by-side comparison.

Asics Gel Nimbus 22

These two shoes have the same weight but the Nimbus 22 has a much thicker sole with 31 mm under the heel compared to 22 mm for the Kayano 27 (24 mm for men). Cushioning is, therefore, more pronounced on the N22. The Nimbus 22 is a neutral running shoe and is, therefore, suitable for all runners, whereas the Kayano is designed for overpronation. In practice, we advise you to rely on comfort above all.

Asics Gel Cumulus 22

Like the Nimbus, the Cumulus 22 is a neutral running shoe, whereas the Kayano is a stability shoe that aims to avoid overpronation of the foot. Both shoes have the same level of cushioning even if it is a little firmer on the Cumulus. The latter also has the advantage of being much lighter.

Saucony Guide 13

Both models are stability shoes for overpronation and therefore attempt to correct the excessive outward deviation of the foot (overpronation). However, they adopt different strategies: the Kayano uses a combination of structure (Space Trusttic) and foam sidewalls (Dynamic DuoMax) to guide the foot, while the Saucony Guide 13 does so with a dense unit (Medial Post). The latter is more perceptible. Athletes who want discreet foot support will therefore prefer the Kayano. However, the Guide offers more generous cushioning and, overall, a more springy bounce while being a bit lighter.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

The React Infinity is a much lighter shoe with 40 grams less weight while offering good cushioning thanks to its 33 mm thick sole under the heel equipped with React foam. Rather than wedging the foot with structure, it relies primarily on its wide platform to stabilize the runner’s stride. It offers a more bouncy running feel, ideal for tempo sessions. Go for the Kayano if you’re looking for a classic overpronation shoe, but try the Infinity Run if you want to test a different configuration that offers stability without making it its primary mission.

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    Good stability road running shoe : comfortable and robust.

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