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The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro is a great carbon plate running shoe with a high-stack cushioning to run long and fast comfortably.

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Great running shoe built for speed that offers breathtaking cushioning
Adidas is making a big splash for the start of the Autumn season with the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro, its second shoe to use a carbon plate. Like its direct competitors (such as the Nike Alphafly or the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2), the Adios Pro features a very high-stack cushioning to run comfortably long and fast.

When we mentioned that the Adios Pro featured a carbon plate, we only told half of the story (or even less). Indeed, the shoe has not one but six plates! First, there's a carbon-infused nylon plate under the heel to improve stability and compensate for the narrow profile of the rearfoot. Second, there are five "EnergyRods" made of carbon-infused TPU that support the toes to promote smooth transitions and a springy ride. These propulsion plates are surrounded by the new Lightstrike Pro foam, which is very flexible. The result is a high stack sole with 39 mm of height under the heel and 31 mm under the forefoot. The testers found the outcome breathtaking in terms of performance and running sensations. Indeed, they noted "fast transitions" from heel to toe and a perfect balance between softness and bounce. In other words, the feel is soft and plush with the Lightstrike Pro foam, but the carbon plates give good structure and a natural impulse while running. The only downside is the weight of the foam, which is heavier than that of its competitors (such as Nike's ZoomX). The shoe is far from being heavy, but it is not as light as one would expect from this high-tech racing shoe.

The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro also shines thanks to its Celermesh upper that offers amazing foot lockdown with its unique design. Also, it provides excellent airflow throughout the run and features a roomy toe-box without reducing lockdown. The only criticism we've seen is that the collar could irritate the Achilles tendon, but this may be an isolated incident.

Finally, the outsole is rugged rubber but with a surprisingly flat sandpaper-like surface. Rest assured, however, the testers didn't find that this configuration diminished durability or grip—quite the contrary!

In summary, the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro is an excellent running shoe to go fast comfortably that offers a unique and impressive configuration, especially with the EnergyRods carbon plates under the toes. The comfort is there, and the cushioning is spectacular, according to the runners who have tested the shoe.
Value for money
  • Great overall comfort
  • Impressive cushioning that combines energy return and softness
  • The well-ventilated mesh offers precise lockdown while being roomy for the toes
  • EnergyRods (TPU/carbon rods) provide excellent results at toe-off
  • Stunning design
  • The narrow platform under the heel is surprising at first even if the stability is adequate overall
  • Lightweight shoe but heavier than some of its direct competitors

Model: Adidas Adizero Adios Pro



Heel to toe drop

8 mm

Heel stack height

39 mm

Forefoot stack height

31 mm



, ,

Weight (men)

224 g/7.9 oz

Weight (women)

210 g/7.4 oz

Release year




Bounce (1-5)

5 – Very bouncy

Softness (1-5)

4 – Soft


Half marathon, Mid distance, Marathon, Long distance


Moderate, Fast


Competition, Speed

Discover the latest version: Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2

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  • The outsole of the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro uses smooth rubber that is sturdy with a shallow texture. This design ensures good traction on urban surfaces.


  • The midsole relies on Lightstrike Pro, which is the latest version of Lightstrike. According to the brand, it’s much bouncier and lighter than previously.
  • Also, the carbon infused nylon plate under the heel provides a better stability to guide the athlete to run fast confortably and safely.
  • Last but not least, EnergyRods are five carbon infused TPU rods that mold to the foot. This technology aims to make the ride snappier, especially at toe-off.


  • The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro’s upper is Celermesh. It’s a lightweight thin and airy mesh especially created for high speeds. Unlike, Primeknit that is more flexible and equips sneaker-like shoes of Adidas, Celermesh gives a more fitted foot support without reducing comfort.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is this shoe true to size?

Yes, this shoe fits regularly. Indeed, we haven’t yet seen comments from athletes mentioning that the fit is surprising. Therefore, you can order your normal size for running shoes. However, if this your very first pair of Adidas shoes, it’s recommended to test them in-store to find the best size for your feet.

Is this shoe recommended for overpronators?

Yes, this shoe should be suitable for everyone. Indeed, it’s a neutral running shoe. As a result, its goal is to suit all athletes regardless of their pronation type. It doesn’t offer stability technologies to correct the stride and decrease overpronation. Anyway, let’s note here that no empirical data prove that stability shoes are more effective than neutral shoes when it comes to preventing injury. Accordingly, we recommend you to select your shoes according to their comfort, as it is the most important criterion. To summarize, you can run with these shoes independently from your pronation, as long as it’s comfortable.

I weigh 198 lbs/90 kg or more. Is the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro suitable for me?

Yes, this model is fine, even if you’re a heavyweight runner. Indeed, although it’s often recommended to run in shoes with comfortable cushioning for heavy runners (198 lbs/90 kg), there are not many empirical data from scientific research to support it. As far as we know, only one scientific study has warned that minimalist shoes (stack height less than 15 mm) can increase the risk of injury for runners who weigh more than 157 lbs (71 kg). The Adios Pro has a stack height of 39 mm under the heel, so it’s not a minimalist model, and it should be suitable even if you’re heavyweight.

Is this model recommended to run a marathon?

First of all, let’s note that the most important factor in determining what shoes to run with during your race is your personal preference. In theory, any model could be a good fit. Some runners favor running shoes with comfortable cushioning for long distances. The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro has a 39 mm stack height, making it a good option to run long comfortably.

Comparisons – Adidas Adizero Adios Pro vs:

Nike ZoomX Alphafly Next

According to runners who tested both shoes, the Alphafly is lighter, more stable (thanks to its wider heel), and more cushioned. In terms of energy return, they give a slight advantage to the Adios Pro, which offers a more complete and impressive springe due to the EnergyRods plates under the forefoot. Overall, it’s still mainly a matter of preference. Runners who make mostly heel strike may prefer the Alphafly.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next

The Vaporfly Next% came out two years ago, and it shows how carbon plate technologies have developed since then. According to runners, the Vaporfly’s cushioning is much flatter and less bouncy than the Adios Pro’s, especially at toe-off. However, the Vaporfly has a wider and more stable platform, which could feel safer for runners who tend to heel strike.

Saucony Endorphin Pro

The Endorphin Pro offers, according to the testers, a more springy but also firmer cushioning, which may not be comfortable for everyone. So if you prefer soft cushioning, Adios Pro may be a better choice for long distances. The Endorphin Pro does have the advantage of being lighter, but that comes at a cost in terms of lockdown: runners who tested both shoes indicate that the Saucony’s upper provides less structure, resulting in a less secure lockdown.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

Both shoes offer similar cushioning, i.e., plushy soft for great comfort, even over long distances. However, the testers noted that the Adios Pro offers a much sharper energy return, resulting in more efficient, smoother transitions. The upper of the Adidas is better designed and offers a safer lockdown while maintaining great airflow. The only real advantage the Hyperion Elite 2 offers over the Adios Pro is its wider and more stable platform. Runners who find the rearfoot part of the Adidas model too narrow may find the wide profile of the Hyperion Elite 2 reassuring.

Adidas Adizero Pro Adios review carbon plate running shoes
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    Great running shoe built for speed that offers breathtaking cushioning.

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