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Asics GT 1000 11 Review (2022): Top Pick for Stability?

Asics GT 1000 11 review

Published on: 12/02/2022

The Asics GT 1000 11 is a soft and comfortable entry-level stability shoe that will suit most, bringing welcome improvements from the previous version.


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9Overall Score

Asics’ entry-level stability shoe is a mildly cushioned and responsive shoe that presents excellent value for money for easy everyday running.

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The Asics GT 1000 range is designed for runners with mild to moderate overpronation, and this new pair fits the bill perfectly. The GT 1000 11 gives mild support through the LITETRUSS technology in the midsole while being unobtrusive enough that neutral runners can enjoy it, too.

Delivering softer landings than you would expect from stability shoes, Asics GT 1000 11 also cradles the heel, lets feet breathe thanks to a jacquard mesh upper, and has good traction in all weather conditions.

While many will point to the snug fit, which makes it less ideal for wider feet, this can be remedied by going up half a size. And, for a pretty low price point, there’s a lot to like about this all-day comfortable trainer.

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Foot lockdown and protection


  • Competitive price tag
  • Balanced cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Good stability shoe that suits neutral runners too
  • Flexible


  • The tighter fit doesn’t suit wide feet
  • Poor durability compared to other Asics shoes

Asics GT 1000 11 Complete Review Analysis


Asics GT 1000 11 reviews

The 11th version of Asics GT 1000 offers a perfect shoe for beginners looking for posture support, but without becoming too invasive. As Asics’ most versatile stability shoe, there is much to appreciate about this all-arounder.

We’ve come to expect consistent excellence from Asics in stability, cushioning, and durability for road running, and with good reason. If you’re looking for a stable ride without too much fuss, the GT 1000 11 provides stripped-back, comfortable, and easy wearing for everyday runs. If you have a low level of overpronation, then you’ll find this is just what you need. And for neutral feet, the stability features are completely non-invasive.

Asics GT 1000 11 on feet, a model to correct over-pronation

It might not be as durable as some more robust shoes like the Gel Kayano collection, but the Asics GT 1000 11 is a great all-arounder at a competitive price tag. So, is it for you?

Please read our complete Asics GT 1000 11 review to see this new shoe’s strongest and weakest points!

Cushioning (midsole)

Asics GT 1000 11 cushioning foam

Asics has been using FlyteFoam midsoles in many of their everyday running shoes, and the GT 1000 11 benefits from the same technology. Cushioning is nice and plush while maintaining some spring in the step. Compared to the previous model, there’s a higher level of flexibility, starting with the forefoot, making these trainers feel a bit faster.

Most users report that the foam doesn’t firm up too much in cold weather, offering good support for winter running. Additionally, the Asics signature rearfoot GEL design for the heel adds to the enjoyment of running in the GT 1000 11. Softer heel cushioning is a big plus for this new model iteration.

Asics GT 1000 11 heel counter

Finally, the midsole features LITETRUSS technology that is good enough to offer a stable ride but not firm enough to present an issue for neutral athletes. You can still consider the Asics GT 1000 11 good stability shoes with a firm medial side that’s not too intrusive. There’s a feeling of stride correction without imposing too much on the athlete’s natural movement.

All in all, the GT 1000 11 has saved 9 grams in weight compared to its predecessor, but you won’t find it less supportive or cushioned. Light-touch stability meets good comfort levels that protect your knees and ankles whether you run once a week or every day.

Foot lockdown (upper)

Asics GT 1000 11 engineered mesh upper

The Asics GT 1000 11 has a good quality upper made from jacquard mesh that feels breathable and light on the top of the feet without applying pressure while you run. However, those with wider feet may have issues with the snugness of it and need to opt for half a size up (Asics shoes tend to be narrower and tight in the middle, as a rule).

Lacing is nothing to write home about, but there are some issues with the tongue, which is completely detached. It runs the risk of moving around, which can cause discomfort, so you must be careful how you lace up without tightening the shoes too much.

Finally, thanks to the mesh design and the shoe’s light weight, most GT 1000 11 testers were happy to run on hot days without feeling any discomfort.

Grip and durability (outsole)

Asics GT 1000 11 rubber outsole

Regarding durability, the Asics LiteRubber outsole has been criticized widely so that it could present an issue, especially coupled with the great flexibility of this shoe. You can’t help but wonder how many miles it will truly last, with some users seeing the outsole’s shape deteriorating in a matter of weeks.

However, the AHAR (High Abrasion Rubber) compound should last well. In theory, the GT 1000 11 has all it needs to be durable, despite the varying experiences of those who have tried it.

In terms of grip, there’s a lovely pattern on the outsole that gives good traction on the road. Thanks to the flexible design, users also report a nice level of propulsion to lift-off.

The ride

Asics GT 1000 11 road running model with medial side support

Its light weight and flexibility make the Asics GT 1000 11 a fun stability shoe appreciated for its better-than-average responsiveness. It provides a smoother ride than the v10 and has shed 9 grams of weight, making it feel snappy enough for one of the entry-level shoes for the brand.

For more support, you can upgrade to the Asics GT 2000 range, designed for those with flat feet and more serious overpronation. As for athletes with wider feet looking for a bit more room, especially in the middle of the shoe, the Asics Gel Kayano 29 (specifically their Wide Fit option) is a good cushioned alternative.

Going back to the Asics GT 1000 11, the shoe feels good for many miles on end, with testers finding its stability features not to add rigidity. As an everyday trainer, there isn’t much Asics could have done better for the price tag.


Asics 1000 11 midsole

If you have flat feet or overpronate but don’t want stiff running trainers, the new Asics GT 1000 11 are your dream shoes. They offer stability without being intrusive, the foam feels nice and plush, and the traction is good enough for all conditions on the road. Some may have issues with the durability of the outsole rubber, but it’s a price to pay on balance for the flexibility and light weight. These are a perfect model for everyday workouts and those just starting in the sport without alienating more experienced mid-pack athletes.


GT 1000 11 Asics

Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutral
Drop8 mm
Heel height21 mm
Forefoot height13 mm
Weight (men)269 g/9.5 oz
Weight (women)224 g/7.9 oz
Release year2022
PriceCheck prices




UpperEngineered Mesh, External Heel Counter


SpeedSlow, Moderate
DistanceShort, 5K, Mid, 10K
WorkoutDaily running

Comparisons – Asics GT 1000 11 vs.:

GT 1000 10

For most reviewers, the 11th Asics GT 1000 represents a slick update from the previous model. You’ll find a little less weight, a softer collar and heel, excellent use of foam in the midsole, and gentle support for overpronation. They are much less rigid, with users noting the much more malleable forefoot, and provide a better ride overall than the previous version.

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