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Asics GT 1000 12 Review (2024): Simple and Effective?

Asics GT 1000 12 review
The Asics GT 1000 12 is a simple, effective shoe that offers comfort and stability but lacks responsiveness.

Our Verdict

8.9Overall Score

Stable, durable shoes for daily training.

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The ASICS GT-1000 12 is a daily training shoe ideal for runners looking for stability.

The midsole of this shoe has ample cushioning for optimal shock absorption, making it a good option for long-distance running.

Moreover, its low-energy return is great for recovery jogging and long runs at a moderate pace.

Asics GT 1000 12 is particularly suitable for runners with neutral or overpronation strides since the LITETRUSS medial support system in the center of the foot slightly corrects overpronation.

The upper is comfortable and breathable with a snug fit, which makes it a good option for people with medium to narrow feet.

The GT-1000 12’s strong grip and outsole’s durability are the two of its most notable features. You can, therefore, expect to keep this pair for several hundred miles.

In short, these running shoes are perfect for beginners or experienced runners wanting a stable shoe for their slow-paced training sessions.

Please read our full review of the Asics GT 1000 12 for more information.

Foot lockdown and protection


  • Stability and foot lockdown
  • Excellent durability
  • Good value for money
  • Comfort
  • Good grip, even on wet roads
  • Lightweight


  • Low energy return
  • Tight toe box


Asics GT 1000 12 are great pairs of running shoes for runners with neutral stride

The Asics GT-1000 series offers stable models for runners who want durable shoes for daily training. This new version is the twelfth release of this brand’s popular shoe series. It offers some interesting improvements, notably in terms of weight, performance, stability, and comfort.

Keep reading to find out all about its features!


Asics GT 1000 12 lacks sufficient space for toes

The midsole of the ASICS GT-1000 12 is made of Flytefoam, a lightweight, bouncy material. It offers good ground impact absorption.

The cushioning is quite firm, thanks to the LITETRUSS medial support system in the midfoot, which provides great stability to the stride, keeping the foot centered with its lateral resistance. This is the first shoe in the GT-1000 series to offer this system.

This ASICS shoe is 32.5 mm thick in the heel and 24.5 mm thick in the forefoot. The heel-to-toe drop of 8 mm aligns with the average running shoe for daily training. It can be used for short running sessions but also for long distances such as marathons.

Energy return

Running in Asics GT 1000 12 feels like a soft step in comfort

The presence of a GEL technology cushioning pocket in the heel area of the Asics GT-1000 12 provides a sensation of bounce, but the energy return is not significant. This gives the impression that you need to produce a fairly substantial effort to be able to push off the ground, as the shoe doesn’t help much.

Heel-to-toe transitions are relatively smooth and pleasant. However, there’s no rocker or carbon plate to propel the body forward.

The weight is equal to the standard men’s running shoes, i.e. 9.1 oz / 258 g (size 42), making it fairly lightweight. For women in size 40, it is 8.5 oz / 241 g.

Pronation type

These running shoes are designed for runners with a neutral or overpronation stride. They are ideal for runners with a greater or lesser degree of pronation, as the LITETRUSS medial support technology enables them to run with more stability.

Foot Lockdown

Asics GT 1000 12 engineered mesh upper

One of the major changes from the previous model is the technical mesh upper. It’s now much thinner and more breathable in GT 1000 12. It also provides greater foot lockdown.

The toe box has been widened a little, but it’s still rather narrow. Plus, the shoe’s overall volume is not very large, making it unsuitable for people with wide feet (there’s no wide version, only the standard width).

As for the rest, the shoe runs true to size, so you can choose your usual size.


Asics GT 1000 12 rubber outsole helps with grip

Like many ASICS shoes, the outsole uses AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber). It’s thick and durable, designed to last for hundreds of miles. Also, traction is very good on all surfaces, including wet roads.

Since the grip is good enough, you can occasionally use these shoes on less technical trails like dirt paths.


GT 1000 12 FLYTEFOAM cushioning enables a beginner runner to perform well at moderate pace

This pair of running shoes is ideal for daily training sessions, especially for runners looking for stable support. They are an interesting pick for beginners and those who want to do a few jogs without risking injury.

You can comfortably run long distances in these shoes while maintaining a moderate, steady pace.

Other possible scenarios

You can also use the ASICS GT-1000 12 for slightly more intense sessions, like long tempo sessions or fartlek. However, remember that their rebound is not exceptional, so you’ll need to make an extra effort to pick up the pace.

Another possible scenario for their use could be during your workouts in the gym.

Nonetheless, opting for a more suitable model for speed sessions and short splits is best.

Asics GT 1000 12 rubber outsole

Quality and Durability

The outsole of the ASICS GT-1000 12 is highly durable, as our testers didn’t notice any signs of premature deterioration.

Moreover, the upper is also sufficiently durable. Based on user comments and reviews, you can expect to ride in these running shoes in good condition for a distance of around 500 miles.

They represent excellent value for money with a price tag of $130! On top of that, you can get free shipping if you sign up for OneASICS.

Carbon footprint and animal welfare

The shoe is not made from recycled or biodegradable materials. On the other hand, its design is fully vegan since it doesn’t use any animal material or components (including yarns, glues, and other adhesives).


These running shoes are stable, durable, and grip well on all surfaces. They’re mainly made for beginners looking for a sturdy and reliable pick, and expert runners who want a stable pair of shoes for their slow-to-moderate sessions.

Although the upper is quite tight for individuals with wide foot shapes, the GT-1000 12 is still comfortable and will suit many road runners.


Technical Specs

Pronation typeOverpronation (stability)
Drop8 mm
Heel height32.5 mm
Forefoot height24.5 mm
Weight (men)258 g/9.1 oz
Weight (women)241 g/8.5 oz
FeaturesVegan, Recycled materials
Release year2023
PriceCheck prices




OutsoleAHAR, AHARPLUS rubber
UpperEngineered mesh upper, wing-shaped tongue, OrthoLite X-30 insole


SpeedSlow, Moderate
DistanceShort, 5K, Mid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
WorkoutDaily running, Recovery

Comparisons – Asics GT 1000 12 vs.:

GT 1000 12 Asics LITETRUSS medial support system result in more stability

Asics GT-1000 11

The upper of the ASICS GT-1000 12 has certainly undergone the most changes since version 11: it is now more breathable and offers better foot lockdown.

It has also lost a few grams, and stability has been improved. Finally, the foam used on the latest version provides a softer, more comfortable feel while running.

These two models are mostly similar, and although version 12 of the GT-1000 features a number of improvements, the 11th edition remains more stable, durable, and comfortable to wear.

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