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Adidas Ultra Boost 22 Review Analysis (2022)

Adidas Ultra Boost 22

Last update: June 2024

The Adidas Ultra Boost 22 is a popular shoe for runners looking for comfort and stability.

The Consensus

9Overall score
Comfortable, stable, and durable shoe but heavy and lacks bounce
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The Adidas Ultra Boost 22 are comfortable and stable road running shoes. Despite a sleek design, it’s a model that remains rather heavy with more than 330 g/11.7 oz for the men’s version.

The main improvement of this new version, which changes little overall, is the greater comfort of the lockdown for female feet. Adidas has gone to great lengths to make this popular running shoe more accessible and enjoyable. However, it’s still relatively narrow and may not suit the widest feet.

In terms of cushioning, there’s a high-stack sole (31 mm heel stack height) with a standard drop of 10 mm. The underfoot feel is moderately firm and without much responsiveness. The shoe nevertheless has the merit of offering a stable and comfortable ride for your long-distance runs.

Finally, the Continental rubber outsole of this Ultra Boost 22 offers a perfect grip on urban surfaces, even wet, and gives good durability to the platform.

In summary, fans of the Ultra Boost will appreciate the minor improvements of this new version. For those who have never tried this series, the 22 may be an exciting choice for runners looking for a stable, well-cushioned shoe with a good structure.

Please read our full review of the Adidas Ultra Boost 22 for more information.
Foot lockdown
Value for money
  • Comfortable and stable cushioning
  • Precise foot lockdown and a better fit for women
  • Stylish shoe
  • Rugged design made to last
  • Fully recycled upper
  • A little narrow
  • Still heavy
  • Not very responsive
  • High price

Adidas Ultra Boost 22 Complete Review Analysis


Adidas Ultra Boost 22 review

We’ve always been suspicious of the Adidas Ultra Boost in the past. After all, how can you take such a heavy shoe seriously? However, we must admit that this model has its fans, and they have good reasons to defend it.

In 2022, the Ultra Boost 22 continues its journey with a better-fitted version, especially for women. As for the rest, you can expect a stable and comfortable configuration for long runs.

Does this running shoe have what it takes to be suitable for you? That’s what we’ll see in our analysis.


Adidas UltraBoost 22 boost midsole cushioning

While the brand’s higher-end models (like the Adios Pro 2) have switched to Lightstrike Pro, a lighter, more bouncy foam, the UltraBoost continues to use BOOST foam, an aging but tried and true technology.

The midsole configuration is pretty much identical to last year’s. It’s 31 mm heel stack height with a heel-to-toe drop of 10 mm.

The feel is balanced with a touch of firmness. It’s a matter of personal preference as reflected in the runners’ reviews: some like it while others prefer a softer configuration for their long runs.

In 2021, the main improvement to this running shoe was LEP (Linear Energy Push), a torsion system that helps to channel the energy return while providing an excellent structure to optimize stability. In practice, while there’s little to no bounce (as we will see further down), this configuration ensures a stable ride, which can be interesting for heavier runners who need more support.

Foot lockdown (upper)

Adidas Ultra Boost 22 mesh upper with narrower heel

Faced with criticism from many female runners who found the fit of the Adidas UltraBoost inadequate for their feet, the German brand enlisted an all-female design team to take on the challenge.

According to Adidas, the team used millions of data points from female runners to guide the design of the new shoe.

The result? Overall, female athletes found the configuration more comfortable but without any revolutionary changes. The softer heel counter is wildly appreciated for not blocking the heel uncomfortably and sparing their Achilles tendon. Adidas promises that the new upper delivers a 4% increase in running efficiency, but this is very difficult to verify in reality.

Adidas UltraBoost 22 toe box and midfoot cage

And for men? The soft, lightweight, and breathable Primeknit upper remains comfortable with precise foot lockdown despite a relatively narrow fit. Fortunately, the sock-like fit helps compensate a bit for this lack of space. However, the toe box is not especially large, which may not suit those with wide feet.

Finally, let’s note that the Primeknit upper is eco-friendly, using 50% Parley Ocean Plastic (a material made from recycled plastic, collected from the coastline) and 50% recycled polyester. The shoe is not carbon neutral, but it’s a start!

Grip and durability

Adidas Ultra Boost 22 rubber outsole

The outsole of this Adidas Ultra Boost 22 keeps the same formula as the previous models, and for a good reason: it’s very effective!

The Stretchweb design and its Continental rubber provide excellent grip on the pavement, even in the rain. The sole is robust and can easily withstand several hundred miles.

Adidas UltraBoost 22 sole

The only possible drawback (but the blame is shared between the BOOST foam and the knitted upper) is the shoe’s weight.

Sure, the Ultra Boost 22 is sturdy with an excellent structure to be stable, but it still clocks in at 333 g/11.7 oz for the men’s version and 285 g/10.1oz for the women’s model, which is heavy. In comparison, the Saucony Ride 14 (a direct competitor) is 50 g/1.8 oz lighter while offering the same qualities.

The Ride

Ultra Boost 22 road running shoe

You should think of the Adidas Ultra Boost 22 as a good sedan that you can safely rely on for long rides.

The stable platform and precise, flexible lockdown of the mesh upper allow you to tackle your daily workouts with confidence. The high-stack cushioning (though a bit firm) keeps you comfortable for long runs.

In terms of responsiveness, it’s simple; runners have decided: there is none (or little). The impulse remains pleasant but has a little bounce. There’s no stunning energy return, and, therefore, it’s therefore not the ideal shoe if you are looking for peppy training shoes for speed sessions.


adidas ultraboost 22 review

True to the collection’s spirit, this new Adidas Ultra Boost gains a bit of comfort while offering a very similar ride to its predecessors: stable and reasonably versatile but not very responsive.

If you are a woman and the previous version did not suit your foot shape or stride, this new version may be worth trying.

In any case, despite its highlights, the best is the enemy of the good, and the UltraBoost continues to suffer from the comparison with other running shoes who do better overall.


Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutral
Drop10 mm
Heel stack height31 mm
Forefoot stack height21 mm
Weight (men)333 g/11.7 oz
Weight (women)285 g/10.1 oz
FeaturesRecycled materials
Release year2022


Softness (1-5)3 – Moderate
Bounce (1-5)2 – Low


OutsoleContinental, Stretchweb
MidsoleBOOST, Linear Energy Push system
UpperParley Ocean Plastic, Primeknit, standard lacing system


SpeedSlow, moderate
DistanceMid, long, 10k, half marathon, marathon
WorkoutDaily runs

Reference: Adidas

Comparisons – Adidas Ultra Boost 22 vs.:

Adidas Ultra Boost 21

Very similar from one year to the next, the UB 21 and 22 look very similar and offer a similar ride without a significant revamp. The main difference is the women’s version, which is better suited to the female foot for a more comfortable yet secure fit.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

The Nike Pegasus is a lighter, more responsive shoe with a softer underfoot feel. We recommend it unless you prefer a more stable shoe like the UltraBoost. See the detailed comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Adidas Ultra Boost 22 run true to size?

This shoe fits true to size. However, testers note that it’s narrow, and the toe box is not very roomy. So be careful if you have wider feet!

Is the UB22 a good shoe for running?

While not the best, it’s a quality shoe that delivers comfort and stability. Try it on if you get the chance; it may surprise you!

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