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Saucony Xodus 11

Saucony Xodus 11 Review Analysis (2021)

Last update: May 2024

The Saucony Xodus 11 are very good trail running shoes combining comfort, cushioning, and versatility for long runs.

The Consensus

9.4Overall score
Very good comfortable and versatile shoe, ideal for long distances
Don’t have time to read the full review? Here’s what you need to know.

There is no major evolution compared to the previous version; only the upper improved for more durability and a better fit.

This new version remains a bit heavy (still above 300g), although runners note that the weight does not affect the run’s responsiveness.

The upper is roomy and ensures comfort for runners with wide feet.

There’s a lot of stability in this model with its subtle combination of enhanced PWRRUN+ cushioning (31.5 mm heel stack height), PWRTRAC outsole, and 4 mm low drop.

The grip is one of the shoe’s strengths, with aggressive multi-directional lugs that adapt to all types of terrain, even the steepest. A few trail runners have expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the outsole on really muddy terrain, however.

Finally, this shoe features high-quality materials to be durable. It’s a very good trail model suitable for ultramarathon running.

Read our full review of the Saucony Xodus 11 for more information.
Value for money
  • Versatile trail running shoes that adapt to all terrains
  • Soft but responsive cushioning
  • Effective grip
  • More durable and better fitting upper
  • Good protection against rocks
  • Still a bit heavy; it hasn’t dropped below 300 g/10.6 oz yet

Saucony Xodus 11 Complete Review Analysis


Saucony Xodus 11 review

The Saucony Xodus 11 is the latest version of the American brand’s flagship model. Its DNA remains identical to its illustrious predecessors: to offer a comfortable and responsive shoe for ultramarathon running (but not only!).

The 2021 version offers few changes compared to the previous one. It takes all the formulas that made the success of the earlier versions: an identical look, a soft and pleasant midsole, an outsole that you can rely upon. You don’t change a winning team! However, the upper has been significantly improved, with a more resistant and breathable mesh.

Trail runners who have tested this shoe are unanimous: for long runs on rough terrain, the Saucony Xodus 11 remains a safe bet, offering a versatile, comfortable protective, and cushioned ride!

Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this iconic shoe.


Saucony Xodus midsole cushioning


Nothing changes on the midsole side either. Saucony once again relies on its innovative PWRRUN+ technology, which testers say packs many qualities into one piece of expanded TPU.

Their feedback was unanimous in the genre of rave reviews: a full-length performance cushioning that is flexible and bouncy, soft and durable, stable and responsive. Unlike some other Triumph or Adidas Boost shoes, the softness felt offers excellent stability without compromising proprioception.

The sole is a bit thicker than the previous model: 31.5 mm heel stack height vs. 29 mm for the Xodus 10 (27.5 mm under the toes). The heel-to-toe drop of the Xodus 10 remains the same (4mm).

Some runners who tested the Xodus 11 were pleasantly surprised by its responsiveness and relative speed on rocky climbs or technical descents, despite its weight. It almost makes you forget how rugged the terrain is, as the shock absorption is so efficient. Also, the rock plate underfoot enhances the protection not to let any sharp obstacle spoil the fun.

In summary, the midsole is a perfect balance between too much and too little material. It does the job by offering beneficial protection and maximal comfort of the run. Like the testers, you’ll be able to run for miles with peace of mind!

Foot lockdown (upper)

Saucony Xodus 11 mesh upper

Engineered mesh

The upper is the only significant change in the Saucony Xodus 11. An all-new, more durable engineered mesh upper replaces the old one that tended to wear out quickly and wrinkle, especially in the flex area of the foot during takeoff. Some runners also noted a slight improvement in the shoe’s breathability during exercise.

Do you like being able to splay your toes in the shoe? The Xodus 11 has a generous, dare we say universal, toe box to fit all foot shapes. The wide toe box does not affect the foot lockdown, which remains effective. This space allows for swelling during long runs or training sessions without compromising the runner’s comfort or safety.

The midfoot and heel fit is excellent.

Finally, we still find the sturdy toe bumper on this 11th version of the Xodus. Its durability has been tried and tested over the years, and it was once again very popular with trail runners. It offers optimal protection against stones, shocks, or sharp objects on the most technical and rocky trails. A real guarantee of safety for your little feet!

To sum up, there is no notable revolution in the upper, except for a more robust and breathable mesh.

Grip and durability

Saucony Xodus 11 rubber outsole

PWRTRAC, flex grooves, rock plate, multi-directional 5mm lugs

If there’s one thing that all testers can agree on, it’s that the PWRTRAC rubber outsole is a key highlight of the Xodus 11. It has already proven itself in terms of strength and durability on the previous version. It’s both rock-solid and flexible, giving the outsole surprising and welcome responsiveness on the most technical terrain.

With its multi-directional 5 mm arrow-shaped aggressive lug pattern, the grip is excellent. This aggressive pattern makes it possible to confidently tackle steep terrain and tricky situations with significant serenity. It also provides adequate grip on various surfaces (rocky trails, dry or wet terrain, snow…). As a result, the support is much better, no need to develop balancing skills!

Runners were pleasantly surprised to find that these lugs also react well to contact with more modest terrain, including asphalt (no, you can’t always avoid it!).

However, we note a downside from some trail runners who tested the Saucony Xodus 11: they note a less effective grip on really muddy grounds: the sole was quickly overwhelmed, which limited the grip. It’s something to consider if you live in a humid area with often muddy trails (obviously, we won’t name names!).

The Ride

Trail runners who tested these trail running shoes praise their overall performance: versatility, agility, comfort, cushioning, protection.

The PWRRUN+ midsole provides flexibility to allow the trail running shoe to follow the foot in its every movement. The brand seems to have found the right balance between the expanded TPU and rubber outsole, providing just the right amount of cushioning.

Weight is the only slight complaint runners have about this shoe: 341g for men, 299g for women.

However, runners unanimously found the ride excellent, even on the most unlikely terrain for ultramarathon running (the road!). The shoe has appealed to some trail runners fans of other lighter profile models such as the Hoka Torrent, Saucony Peregrine, or Nike Terra Kiger.

It’s the ideal shoe for ultra distances at a moderate pace on various surfaces.


Xodus 11 Saucony

The Saucony Xodus 11 remains a safe bet for an (ultra) trail runner looking for a comfortable, reliable, durable, versatile, and protective shoe. Underneath its clunky design, it’s an impressively efficient shoe. While the grip of the previous versions has sometimes been subpar, the Xodus is now a full-fledged ultramarathon running shoe that competes with the best in its class. Testers gave it a very high rating. In short: it’s a long-distance trailer’s best friend and a solid contender for the 2021 podium!


Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutral
Drop4 mm
Heel stack height34 mm
Forefoot stack height30 mm
Lugs5 mm
FeaturesRock plate
Weight (men)337 g/11.9 oz
Weight (women)292 g/10.3 oz
Release year2021


Softness (1-5)4 – Soft
Bounce (1-5)3 – Moderate


OutsoleFlex grooves, PWRTRAC
UpperEngineered Mesh


SpeedSlow, moderate
DistanceMid, long, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon
WorkoutDaily runs

Reference: Saucony’s official website

Comparisons – Saucony Xodus 11 vs.:

Saucony Xodus 10

Same stack height, same lugs, same foam… same shoe? As we saw in the analysis, the Xodus changes little in 2021 compared to the previous version. The weight remains high, with more than 320 g/11.3 oz on the scale! However, the upper is better fitted and more robust, which is a significant improvement. From there, to justify the purchase of a new pair, if your Xodus 10 are still in good shape, there’s a step (a stride?) that we will not take.

Saucony Peregrine 11

See the detailed side-by-side comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Saucony Xodus 11 run true to size?

Yes, it does. So you can pick your regular size.

Is this a good shoe for ultramarathon running?

Yes, the Xodus offers a high level of protection and grip combined with comfortable cushioning for long-distance running.

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