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Saucony Triumph 22 Review (2024): Ideal Trainer for Long Runs?

The Triumph series is one of Saucony’s most popular running shoes, acclaimed for its comfort and cushioning. With today’s maximal cushioning trend, it’s hard to keep track, and this 22 version is no exception.

With some significant changes, let’s see how this new Saucony Triumph 22 stacks up. Does it suit your runner profile and goals? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this comprehensive test.

Why trust me?

With a personal best marathon time of 2 h 38 and a substantial weekly training volume, I have the opportunity to test a number of running shoe models to help my practice.

I carried out my field test of the Saucony Triumph 22 on different types of sessions to assess their comfort and ride feel. What’s more, I also consulted other runners at different levels to validate my feelings and ensure that my recommendations will be useful to as many runners as possible.

julien guyod testing Saucony Triumph 22

What You Need to Know

9.4Overall Score

Comfortable, reliable and more responsive than the previous version.

  • Weight: 283 g/10 oz (men’s US9)
  • Foam: PWRRUN PB
  • Height: 37 mm (heel), 27 mm (forefoot)
  • Drop: 10 mm
  • For daily training, all distances

The Saucony Triumph 22 is a trendy running shoe praised for its comfort and superior cushioning. This new iteration brings several changes that alter the ride and overall experience compared to the previous version.

The most important change is the switch of midsole foam from PWRRUN+ to PWRRUN PB. This choice is surprising, as this PEBA-based technology was previously reserved for the brand’s competition models.

Despite the higher weight, responsiveness is better and ensures good versatility. The seamless mesh upper is very comfortable and snug-fitting for good lockdown and breathability. For the outsole, XT-900 carbon rubber provides good traction in all conditions.

In short, this new Triumph is a comfortable, durable daily trainer with excellent shock absorption and greater versatility with improved responsiveness – suitable for all levels.

Foot lockdown and protection


  • Excellent shock absorption for longer distances
  • Greater responsiveness and versatility
  • Wider platform for greater stability
  • Comfortable, snug-fitting upper
  • Good traction with efficient outsole


  • Less relevant at low pace
  • Slower transitions according to some testers


Saucony Triumph 22 cushioning foam

The Saucony Triumph 22’s midsole is a complete departure from the previous version. The switch from PWRRUN+ to PWRRUN PB foam is a very surprising choice.

Indeed, this is the foam found on competition models such as the Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 or the Saucony Endorphin Pro 4. What’s more, it’s the only shoe in this series to feature Peba foam.

Saucony Triumph 22 Peba foam

The stack is substantial, with a height of 37 mm in the heel and 27 mm under the toes, confirming Triumph’s reputation for maximal cushioning.

Shock absorption is on a par with previous versions, allowing you to confidently tackle long distances.

The underfoot feel on impact is balanced, halfway between soft and firm, making for a very comfortable and consensual ride that should enable everyone to increase mileage. This model is suitable for all distances and any runner’s weight.

The heel-to-toe drop of 10 mm is classic and doesn’t require any transition time.

Energy return

pair of Saucony Triumph 22 road running shoes

Weighing 283 g/10 oz in size EU 42/US 9 (20 g/0.7 oz more than the v21), you’d think the shoe would lose some of its responsiveness. But the opposite is true: the new Peba foam makes the shoe more responsive.

While not comparable to the brand’s previously mentioned competition models, the Triumph 22 has a better energy return than its direct competitors for daily training.

The midfoot rocker also ensures smooth rear-to-front transitions. However, the caveat is that some testers consider these new shoes slower than the previous version, but that’s not my opinion.

runner wearing Saucony Triumph 22

Support and stability

This neutral shoe doesn’t feature any corrective/supportive technologies to prevent overpronation.

However, the wider platform combined with an excellent, grippy outsole translates into a very stable ride.

Foot Lockdown

Saucony Triumph 22 engineered mesh upper

When you first put the shoe on, the sensation of comfort is immediate and impressive. You feel wrapped in soft slippers thanks to the extensive padding (especially on the collar and tongue). The emphasis is on comfort, which explains the increased weight.

The Triumph 22’s comfort is such that it clearly competes with the queen of the category, the Asics Gel Nimbus 26.

The new seamless engineered mesh upper is very effective. It’s moderately thick and very flexible with decent breathability, ensuring all-weather comfort.

The FORMFIT system ensures a precise fit at every contact point.

Saucony Triumph 22 FormFit System

The heel counter is also well-executed while the gusseted tongue comfortably adapts to foot movement. The lacing system (flat laces) is very effective and holds the foot firmly in place. Lastly, the Ortholite insole ensures good moisture management.

All in all, a very good foot lockdown.

Triumph 22 Saucony

The shoe fits true to size with medium-high volume to suit runners with wider feet.

Conversely, some runners with narrow feet found that there was too much space in the toe box. Luckily, they could adjust the fit to their liking with the laces (the stretchy nature of the upper helps here). Nonetheless, if you’ve experienced shoes with too much space in the past, consider trying this model in-store.


The Triumph 22’s outsole is almost entirely covered with XT-900 carbon rubber. Traction is excellent with a a very good grip on urban surfaces.

Some testers feel that a thinner rubber would have enabled faster transitions at slower paces.

Saucony Triumph 22 rubber outsole

I found the result very good. The rubber-foam combo ensures a very balanced feel, and the numerous micro-grooves also ensure satisfactory flexibility.

The shoe also has a very good grip on wet pavement. It can be used on most dirt paths and easy trails, as long as they are not technical.


Saucony Triumph 22 road running shoes

The shoe’s stack and cushioning ensure comfortable use over all distances, regardless of the runner’s profile. There are no limitations when it comes to training: from recovery jogs to long runs, the shoe will prove a versatile ally in any scenario. What’s more, the new foam allows you to accelerate when you need to (for tempo runs, for example).

The only exception might be pure speed sessions like interval training, where the weight could hinder your experience.

On the other hand, some testers found this model less suitable for slower paces than the previous version. I don’t share this assessment: in my experience, the shoes responded very well at any pace. However, this may vary from one runner to another depending on gait and foot strike, so it’s something you may have to figure out for yourself.

Saucony Triumph 22 toe box

In my opinion, the shoe will suit both beginners and experienced runners, heavy or light.

Finally, if you’re planning to race, the T22 will not be as effective as lighter and more responsive models. Nonetheless, it remains an interesting option for marathon racing, especially for runners whose number 1 criterion is not speed. With supreme comfort and excellent shock absorption, it’s one of the best non-carbon-plate options available today.

Quality and Durability

runner wearing Saucony Triumph 22 running shoes

The rubber outsole is more resistant. The upper is sturdy and should also last.

Then there’s the foam: some Peba materials don’t last long. However, PWRRUN PB seems quite dense and should retain its properties over time. I’ll provide an update if anything changes, but I haven’t noticed anything abnormal after a hundred miles or so.

Durability is, therefore, classic, and the overall quality of the materials and design helps to justify the high price point.

The shoe contains a small proportion of recycled materials and is vegan.

Saucony Triumph 22 vs 21

This new version of the Triumph features several changes:

  • More responsive with the new Peba foam
  • Heavier (+20 g/0.7 oz)
  • More durable outsole
  • More stable with a much wider platform

The Triumph 22 may be heavier, but this provides greater stability without sacrificing responsiveness, which is actually improved with PWRRUN PB.

In our opinion, this latest iteration is better, unless you want to use it mainly for slow paces, in which case the 21 may be more appropriate.


Triumph 22 Saucony on feet

The Saucony Triumph 22 is a top-of-the-range shoe with highly comfortable cushioning that ensures excellent shock absorption while retaining good responsiveness. The overall fit is impressive and should convince anyone who gives it a try.

Therefore, this excellent daily trainer is suitable for all training scenarios, especially longer distances. The higher energy return also means that it’s a decent pick for marathon runners who prefer to opt for a traditional model without a carbon-fiber plate.


Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutral
Drop10 mm
Heel height37 mm
Forefoot height27 mm
Weight (men)283 g/10 oz
Weight (women)250 g/8.8 oz
FeaturesVegan, Recycled materials, Rocker
Release year2024
PriceCheck prices




UpperTechnical mesh, Adaptive Lacing System


DistanceMid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
WorkoutDaily running
Julien Guyod

Julien Guyod

Julien Guyod, 40, is a math teacher and freelance writer. He took up running in 2015 and specializes in marathons, clocking in with a 2:38 personal best at the La Rochelle marathon in France. He's passionate about running shoes and loves to share his impressions of the models he's tested, always pushing the mileage further to discover more insights!

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