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Saucony Tempus Review (2022): The Perfect Stable Daily Trainer?

Saucony Tempus review

Published on: 09/22/2022

The Saucony Tempus is daily trainer that offers a superb stable ride and can keep up with faster paces.

The Consensus

8.9Overall Score

An ideal combination of stability and performance in an everyday trainer that works for overpronators and neutral runners alike

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The Tempus features an expertly cushioned midsole with super soft PWRRUN PB foam. With subtle stability features like a wide heel counter, a firmer PWRRUN frame, and no extra plastic or uncomfortable arch support, they can just as well be sold as neutral shoes.

Saucony has used great features from their successful Endorphin range when creating the Tempus. They’ve also learned from trail running, adding a thin breathable mesh upper and some precision lacing that provide ventilation and good foot lockdown. Not to mention a roomy toe box that will feel like a breeze during long runs and hot days.

While the heel-to-toe transition leaves a bit to be desired and the overall snappiness doesn’t do enough to place the Tempus among racing shoes, they make for a great training shoe for all runners. It’s not too clear where they sit in the Saucony range, but they’re a wonderful attempt at combining stability and performance.

Please read our full review of the Saucony Tempus for more information.

Foot lockdown and protection


  • Universal design and support;
  • Excellent breathability;
  • Precise fit, true to size;
  • Supportive, cushioned heel;
  • Lightweight.


  • Average to bad traction on wet surfaces;
  • Relatively expensive;
  • Slow toe-off, lack of snappiness.

Saucony Tempus Complete Review Analysis


Saucony Tempus reviews

When you think about stability shoes, you’ll be forgiven for imagining clunky, boxy designs that weigh you down and are not the most exciting to look at. Enter a versatile shoe in bright yellow hues, making the stability trainer fun and bouncy! That’s the new Saucony Tempus, created to provide an ideal weight to cushioning ratio while supporting those overpronators and being mindful of the environment at the same time.

In this detailed analysis, we’ve analyzed various runners’ first impressions and experts’ views of the Saucony Tempus to offer you the best of their experiences. Enjoy!

Cushioning (midsole)

Saucony Tempus pwrrun pb midsole with medial support

Saucony has used a hybrid EVA/PEBA construction for this plush, comfy midsole that offers additional support for overpronators while keeping the ride fun and comfortable for neutral runners. Also a performance trainer, the Tempus challenges the concept of a stability shoe by doing away with traditional stability mechanisms and relying entirely on PWRRUN PB foam. As far as stability trainers go, the shoe is unique as it uses the racing shoe foam that we’ve seen in the likes of Saucony Endorphin Speed, in combination with the normal PWRRUN midsole.

How do the stability elements come together? A firmer PWRRUN cradle made from EVA foam creates an external guidance frame running along most of the outer walls of the running shoe and underfoot. So, instead of any added plastic medial post or other elements, these stability shoes create a soft, cushioned feel while gently stabilizing those runners who need it.

Saucony Tempus heel collar with counter

The underfoot midsole support makes it feel like the Saucony Tempus is hugging your foot, giving a supportive feel. With a stack height of 36.5 mm (heel) and 28.5 mm (toes), there is never a lack of cushioning, but the shoe doesn’t end up unstable either.

The heel-to-toe drop of 8 mm is standard, making the shoes more accessible.

While the cushioning is responsive and bouncy, there is no carbon plate. However, runners of all abilities have found the Tempus to perform well in fast sessions and longer runs.

Foot lockdown (upper)

Saucony Tempus engineered mesh upper

Like trail running shoes, the Tempus’ upper is remarkably thin and light. Made of engineered mesh, it presents a single stout overlay tied to the laces on both sides. This lightness will make it extremely breathable, which is a bonus for hot days out running (you can see some ventilation slots over the toes!).

Additionally, most reviewers report an excellent balance between the airy mesh, comfort, and foot lockdown. Given that the Tempus has a high stack height and keeps weight light, the latter becomes essential to avoid any injuries. But the Tempus is also a stability shoe, so you’ll be covered with a comfortable, true-to-size fit, thanks to clever adaptive lacing.

Saucony Tempus on feet: stable shoe with medial side support

The toe box is quite roomy, which makes the excellent foot lockdown even more important. There’s space to breathe, and the Saucony Tempus will work equally for those with narrower or wider feet. Finally, a nicely padded ankle collar feels comfortable and adds to the secure fit.

Bonus points: the upper textile is made of 100% recycled materials, while the collar lining is 90% recycled. Great to see this focus on sustainable manufacturing.

Grip and durability (outsole)

Saucony Tempus rubber outsole grip

Moving to the outside of the shoe, we notice some other design elements providing stability and efficient transitions. There’s an angled heel and a wide heel flare, creating a very stable base of the rear midsole. As for the underfoot design, it’s not very flexible, which effectively creates a forefoot rocker geometry to help with roll-offs.

The outsole uses carbon rubber (XT-900) which makes for a durable material and will perform well on dry surfaces. However, its traction is not very good on wet roads.

Saucony Tempus hard rubber outsole

It’s worth noting, too, that the grippy outsole rubber covers almost the entirety of the forefoot, but there’s no extra rubber in the arch as you would find in a traditional stability shoe. Instead, the lateral side rubber that runs from toe to heel helps with landing on the side. The rest is exposed midsole foam.

From historical evidence with other Saucony shoe styles, we should expect the outsole to last many miles, which is great given that the Saucony Tempus currently retails at a relatively high price point of $160.

The ride

Saucony Tempus road running shoes

Given the declared focus of the Saucony Tempus as a stability trainer, it’s no wonder the ride feels equally cushioned and well-supported. Most reviewers agree that the Tempus offers a perfect weight-to-cushion ratio, providing unobtrusive support and a great overall experience for all runners.

The extra stability from the PWRRUN PB cushioning combined with an EVA frame is great for pronation control but also contributes to the bouncy, comfortable ride. While the Tempus fits in the stability category, it’s a go-to shoe for every day running for all the rest of us, too.

Feeling light and soft, they’re not necessarily the best at fast sessions because of a lack of dedicated forefoot snap. However, the Tempus is a delight at recovery paces and can also become a very good marathon shoe, especially for those running relatively slower paces.


Saucony Tempus side view of this shoe ideal for an overpronator or neutral runner

A pretty revolutionary design that combines plush softness with a supportive frame, the Saucony Tempus is not your average stability shoe. We can go as far as to say these stability running shoes are versatile enough to be super comfortable for everyday wear and almost any type of runner. With a great cushion-to-weight ratio and subtle stabilizing elements that work without detracting from the comfy ride, the Tempus performs well on dry roads and has a durable and sustainable design. Thanks to using a large proportion of recycled components, Saucony is not only making stability shoes exciting, but they’re also catering to those concerned about the environment – a win-win all around.


Technical Specs

Pronation typeOverpronation (stability)
Drop8 mm
Heel height36.5 mm
Forefoot height28.5 mm
Weight (men)252 g/8.9 oz
Weight (women)224 g/7.9 oz
FeaturesWide feet, Recycled materials
Release year2022
PriceCheck prices




OutsoleXT-900 Carbon Rubber
UpperFORMFIT, Heel Support Frame


SpeedSlow, Moderate
DistanceMid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
WorkoutDaily running

Reference: Saucony's official site

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