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Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Review Analysis (2022)

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly review

Published on: 02/04/2022

If you’re looking for speed in distances from 1,500 to 10,000 meters, the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is the track spike that elevates you to the category of racing elites. Breathable and lightweight, the Nike Dragonfly delivers the optimal energy return and performance needed in those longer races.

The Consensus

9.6Overall score
A bouncy, lightweight track spike designed to provide athletes the efficiency and support needed in a longer race distance
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The Nike ZoomX Dragonfly, the newest distance spike from Nike, sports the WOW! factor, and with good reason. The ZoomX foam in the midsole cushions your foot and propels you forward with a bounce mile after mile.

The toe box features plenty of room, making the Dragonfly an excellent spike for competitors with wide feet. In addition, Nike updated the upper on this spike by adding extra perforations for enhanced breathability.

The outsole on the ZoomX Dragonfly is full-length with a ribbed texture. The 1/4-inch removable spikes provide outstanding traction on the curves, and the sharkskin heel delivers additional traction and a smooth ride.

Coming in at 133 g/4.7 ounces in weight, the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is a unisex shoe that ensures a smooth transition from heel-strike to toe-off. Its sleek style and supportive comfort provide the inspiration and energy competitors need to excel on the track.

Although Nike designed the ZoomX Dragonfly for advanced-level track athletes at the 5K and 10K distance, runners report that the Dragonfly also works wonderfully for the 1600m, 3200m, steeplechase, and cross country. One reviewer said he could make the case that the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is the most versatile spike on the market.

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Comfort & Responsiveness
Foot lockdown
Traction & Durability
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Notched laces
  • Removable spikes
  • Responsive foam for cushioning
  • Tongue bunches when lacing up the shoe
  • Laces a bit longer than on traditional spikes
  • Higher price

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly Review Complete Review Analysis

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly reviews


Nike has long been a leader when it comes to track spikes. Over the years, the company has delivered on its goal: to enable athletes to run fast. Shoes such as the Miler, Jasari, and Matumbo delivered outstanding performance on the track without sacrificing comfort or traction.

Nike has once again pushed the bar higher with the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly, Nike’s next-generation track spike. Using proven technology such as its foam insole, Nike has created an extremely lightweight pair of spikes that ranks among the most popular track shoes. While the price is on the higher side for a running shoe, reviewers report that after they raced in the spike, the feeling is that the cost is well worth it. Here are a few reasons why track competitors are eager to wear a pair to the starting line.

Comfort & Responsiveness

Nike’s innovativeness transformed a foam historically used in the aerospace industry into the lightest, most responsive midsole foam you can find in a running shoe, let alone track spikes. Not only does the ZoomX foam cushion your foot, but it also returns 85% of the energy on foot impact, giving you a springy toe-off that keeps your legs feeling fresh in a longer race. With this kind of cushioning, users report the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is excellent for daily track workouts or racing. In addition, many reviewers noted that their post-race recovery was much smoother with the Dragonfly.


Nike ZoomX Dragonfly spikes

Reviewers have noted that the shape of the spikes on the Dragonfly is more curved than on the Matumbo. This extra curvature makes it easier to stay on your toes and is invaluable in the last 200 meters of your race.

Foot lockdown

Foot lockdown refers to how the shoe holds your foot in place without too much slippage. As your foot slides forward, it bumps against the toe of your shoe, leading to bruised toenails and blisters.

For those who have experienced slippage or the frustration of shoestrings coming untied while racing, the notched laces featured on the Dragonfly are one of the many details that make this spike attractive. The longer shoestrings on the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly provide ample length to lace your spikes using the runner’s knot, a technique that locks your foot down and prevents it from sliding forward. The Dragonfly also retains the signature Matumbo hole for heel lockdown. However, several reviewers noted an issue with the tongue bunching up as they laced up their shoes.

Traction & Durability

ZoomX Dragonfly Nike

The Dragonfly’s outsole features a ribbed design that Nike created to enhance traction. In addition, the sharkskin heel pattern provides excellent grip on indoor and outdoor tracks. It also cuts down the overall weight of the spike.

Although the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly does not have a carbon fiber plate to help with stride action, it does have a Pebax plate that provides the stability needed for peak efficiency. In addition to the ZoomX foam, Nike added a thin layer of CMP foam under the heel for extra durability.


Nike ZoomX Dragonfly track spikes heel

The Flymesh upper on the Nike ZoomX Dragonfly is seamless, breathable, and super-light. While there is ample room for a wide foot, the Dragonfly is not too roomy for a competitive racing shoe. Most reviewers agree that the Dragonfly runs true to size. However, a few athletes recommended going up in size to get a good fit.


The Nike ZoomX Dragonfly costs around $150, which is on the costly side for a pair of spikes. However, most reviewers say the price is well worth it because of the shoe’s performance, support, and light, bouncy feel on your feet.


unboxing Nike ZoomX Dragonfly

With its sleek look and soft feel, the ZoomX Dragonfly is created for the competitive track athlete. Pairing its ZoomX foam and energy-efficient midsole, Nike has developed track spikes that will quickly become legendary for competitors of virtually all distances. So if you want to elevate your performance and increase your competitive edge, check out the Nike Dragonfly.


Dragonfly upper

Technical Specs

DistanceMid: 1,500 to 10,000 metres
Weight4.7 oz/133 g
Removable spikesYes
Release year2021

Reference: NIKE’s official website

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