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Nike Metcon 6 Review Analysis (2021)

Last update: August 2022

The Nike Metcon 6 is an all-around training shoe with a unique design and a new upper more breathable than ever.

The Consensus

9.2Overall score
A very good training shoe with a unique versatile and breathable design
We all know Nike for the brand’s ability to craft a fantastic running shoe, and it’s certainly proven itself through the years. However, the Nike Metcon 6—successor to the acclaimed Metcon 5—is a shoe of a different color (and style). Described as the ultimate “gym shoe,” the Metcon 6 will perform as well as you do, from box jumps to squats. However you train, this model is designed to support you every step of the way.

We’ll start by examining the midsole of the Metcon 6. Dual-density cushioning ensures shock absorption with each jump and kick, from the heel all the way to the forefoot. The heel is designed with firmer foam, while the foam used for the forefoot is a bit more cushiony. The two types of padding lend themselves to activities such as squats and deadlifts and jumps and sprints. For added versatility, one surprising feature of the midsole is that it features a removable Hyperlift insert. This makes it possible to adjust the drop (from 4 to 12 mm) to tailor your workout experience to whatever feels best for your feet. Also noteworthy is the Metcon 6’s highly breathable upper, which sets it apart from the 5. Crafted with dual-layer material and 3D haptic print for durability, Nike claims that it’s 18% more breathable than previous models. Finally, the shoe’s all-rubber outsole is virtually unchanged, maintaining the same great grip as the Metcon 5.

There’s a lot to like about the Metcon 6, but one of its main advantages—versatility—may also be a drawback: while the Hyperlift inserts may help turn the Metcon into a proper pair of lifters, some athletes noted that it’s not enough to replace a classic like the Nike Romaleos. Also, while it may be possible to take the Metcon 6 for a run, they are not intended for this use, so it may cause them to wear out early.

Overall, the Metcon 6 is a very good shoe for the gym and can perform well across a range of activities. From CrossFit to sprints and jump rope to the rock wall, it honestly doesn’t get much better than this. With a price of $130—standard for most shoes of its caliber—it’s a solid option for regular gym rats looking for near-perfect, versatile design and unique style.
Value for money
  • Versatile training shoe
  • Great stability
  • Comfortable
  • Most breathable Metcon so far
  • Hyperlift inserts prove useful
  • Great quality overall
  • Not really suitable for running
  • May not be sufficient to replace a traditional lifting model
  • A bit narrow, so may not be suitable for athletes with wider feet



  • The outsole of the Nike Metcon 6 uses sturdy rubber that offers maximum durability and natural grip to remain stable at all times.
  • The Wide and stable heel allows an optimal ground contact for enhanced stability during weightlifting exercises.
  • Also, the rubber tread up the side provides great grip for rope climbing and protects the shoe from wear and tear.
Nike Metcon 6 training shoes rubber outsole


  • The midsole relies on dual density foam that gives comfortable and adaptive padding during high-impact training.
  • Also, the removable Hyperlift insert increases the heel to toe drop from 4 to 12 mm to adjust the setup depending on the exercises.


  • The Nike Metcon 6’s upper is a lightweight and breathable mesh that gives a secure and comfortable foot lockdown while ensuring a good breeze, especially when it’s hot.
  • Finally, the durable screen print gives structure to the upper for better durability without decreasing breathability.


Technical Specs

Heel-to-toe drop4 mm, 12 mm
Weight (men)335 g/11.8 oz
Weight (women)307 g/10.8 oz
Release year2020


WorkoutCrossFit, Fitness, Weight training

Reference: Nike.com

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does this training shoe fit true to size?

Yes, this model fits regularly. Indeed, we haven’t seen yet comments from athletes suggesting that this shoe runs big or tight. Therefore, you can purchase your regular size for sports shoes. However, do note that some users have found the Metcon 6 a bit narrow, which may not be suitable for people with wider feet.

Are the Nike Metcon 6 suitable for weightlifting?

Yes, one of the advantages of this model is that it comes with removable Hyperlift inserts to increase the heel-to-toe drop from 4 to 12 mm. This feature turns the Metcon into lifting shoes although some users still prefer to use traditional lifters for this activity.

Comparisons – Nike Metcon 6 vs:

Reebok Nano X

The rivalry between these two shoes is so great that it’s nearly impossible to talk about one without the other! The Metcon 6 offers a sleeker design and this latest version is especially more breathable. Also, the Metcon comes with Hyperlift inserts to increase the offset while the Nano X doesn’t. However, the Reebok shoe seems to provide better overall support and to be better suited for gym rats with wide feet thanks to its wider design. See the side-by-side comparison.

Kevin Le Gall

Kevin Le Gall

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