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The Asics MetaSpeed Sky is an elite carbon plate shoe with fantastic cushioning to crush your next marathon.


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9.6Overall score
Excellent high stack carbon plated super shoe with explosive cushioning for the marathon
While not the first Asics shoe to feature a carbon plate, the MetaSpeed Sky is the first in this category with high stack cushioning (33mm under the heel) for the Japanese brand.

The MetaSpeed Sky results from Asics' research. They concluded that athletes could be classified into two categories: those who increase their stride and those who raise their cadence to go faster. The Sky targets the first category, while another model, the MetaSpeed Edge, should be released soon to target the second. So what's the MetaSpeed Sky worth, and is it right for you?

The midsole uses a new nylon-based foam: FF (for FlyteFoam) BLAST TURBO. It's pretty firm without being harsh. Thus, the testers noted that the sole's density is similar to that of the Saucony Endorphin Pro but a little softer. The carbon plate is most noticeable under the heel and midfoot, while the forefoot is softer. Despite the narrow heel, athletes rated the stability as good. According to runners, the rockered design of the sole gives a rather abrupt rocking effect. So while some shoes provide a smooth transition, the MetaSpeed Sky's rolling motion is as sudden as it is effective. So the best is to test it out and see if it works for you. In any case, it reinforces the overall impression of the shoe: this is a model to go fast, very fast. Forget daily training; this is a pure competition shoe. The low drop (5 mm) doesn't improve the versatility: at low speeds, the heel feels heavy and requires a fast pace to activate this "super shoe." Overall, testers unanimously liked the MetaSpeed Sky's explosive cushioning.

Next, the single-layer mesh provides an effective lockdown with just the right amount of space. On that last point, some users found the toe box a bit too roomy. So be careful if you have narrow feet. If you have wide feet, you can count your blessings! Also, the upper's simple design, without overlays, makes it not very pliable to keep the foot in place better. In short, we recognize the know-how and quality of Asics. Finally, the outsole features the ASICSGRIP rubber developed primarily for the trail running collection of the brand. It proves to be both grippy and durable. At first glance, it would seem that the MetaSpeed Sky is one of the most robust "super shoes." To be confirmed, though.

All in all, it took Asics a while to respond to the challenge posed by Nike's "FLY" (the MetaRacer had a much thinner sole, putting it in a category of its own), but it's safe to say that the MetaSpeed Sky doesn't fall short with its cutting-edge configuration. This shoe is for you if you're looking for an elite model to shatter your records over long distances like the marathon.
Value for money
  • Great comfort
  • Very responsive cushioning
  • Sturdy shoe (for a competition model with carbon plate)
  • Great design
  • Effective grip
  • Expensive shoe
  • Lack of versatility (not very inspiring at slow paces)
  • The toe box may be a bit roomy if you have narrow feet

Model: Asics MetaSpeed Sky



Heel to toe drop

5 mm

Heel stack height

33 mm

Forefoot stack height

28 mm



, , , ,

Weight (men)

190 g/6.7 oz

Weight (women)

167 g/5.9 oz


Release year


Bounce (1-5)

5 – Very bouncy

Softness (1-5)

3 – Moderate


Half marathon, Mid distance, Marathon, Long distance





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  • ASICSGRIP: a sturdy rubber originally crafted for the trail range of the Japanese brand. It gives a great grip on city terrains.


  • The FF BLAST TURBO midsole uses a lightweight and bouncy polyamide-based compound that provides smooth motion from landing to toe off.
  • The carbon-fiber plate flexes at initial contact before contracting at toe off for enchanced propulsion.
  • The rocker geometry provides a natural rocking motion for a responsive ride.


  • The Asics MetaSpeed Sky’s upper translates into integrated breathable knit with a seamless and single-layer construction. It ensures a comfortable and secure foot lockdown while letting the foot breathe, especially when it’s hotter outside.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Does the Asics MetaSpeed Sky fit true to size?

Yes, the Asics MetaSpeed Sky fits true to size, as reported by all the reviews we have seen so far. Therefore, you can purchase your regular size for running shoes. However, some runners noted that the toe box was a bit large, so it may be too big if you have narrow feet.

Is the Asics MetaSpeed Sky good if I overpronate?

Yes, because this shoe is a neutral running shoe. Thus, it should be suitable for all runners independently from your pronation type. So it doesn’t have stability features to balance the ride and avoid excessive pronation. However, even if the MetaSpeed Sky does not do too badly in this area, it should be noted that competition shoes like these are sometimes less stable, mainly because of their narrow heel. We recommend you test them well if you tend to overpronate a lot.

I weigh 187 lbs/85 kg or more. Is the Asics MetaSpeed Sky recommended for me?

Yes, this model should be suitable for all weights with its high stack height (33 mm under the heel and 28 mm under the forefoot). Also, the midsole is relatively firm, which offers more support for heavy runners.

Is the Asics MetaSpeed Sky adapted to run a marathon?

This Asics running shoe’s objective is to allow you to push your limits in the marathon. If you are looking for a model to help you go really fast comfortably, the MetaSpeed Sky is a great choice.

Comparisons – Asics MetaSpeed Sky vs:

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

These two shoes are roughly the same weight. However, their cushioning is different. The Vaporfly offers a smoother ride and softer cushioning, while the MetaSpeed Sky is firmer with an explosive rocker, resulting in a more sudden but equally effective ride. The Asics’ main benefit is its greater durability, which is nice considering the high price point of this type of shoe. In short, both models are excellent, and the choice is primarily personal.

Asics MetaRacer

It might not be fair to consider the MetaRacer as a simple draft of the MetaSpeed Sky, but the MetaSpeed Sky is more comfortable, lighter, snappier, and more stable. So the choice is easy if you are willing to spend 50 bucks more.

Asics MetaSpeed Sky review carbon plate running shoe
Asics MetaSpeed Sky rubber outsole

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    Excellent high stack carbon plated super shoe with explosive cushioning for the marathon.

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