Nike Pegasus Trail 3 vs. Wildhorse 7

These two Nike trail running shoes offer similar cushioning with almost the same stack height: 31 mm for the Pegasus Trail and 30 mm for the Wildhorse.

Both shoes use a full-length React midsole and don’t have a rock plate. The soft underfoot feel is softer with the Wildhorse.

In terms of responsiveness, both models offer a slight energy return.

The Wildhorse’s design seems more protective with its integrated gaiter. However, in practice, the Pegasus Trail is just as effective at protecting the foot.

Overall, the Pegasus Trail upper has a better fit and provides a more secure foot lockdown while remaining comfortable.

Finally, the grip is disappointing in both cases and does not allow for venturing onto technical terrain such as muddy grounds.

Pegasus Trail or Wildhorse: which one to choose?

The Wildhorse 7 is, frankly, a bit of a disappointment. Testers note that this trail running shoe is unstable and lacks traction.

As such, we recommend the Nike Pegasus Trail 3, which is lighter and offers a more effective foot lockdown.

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