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New Balance 860 v13 Review (2024): Top Pick for Overpronation?

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 review
The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 is a high-quality stability daily trainer with a firm ride.

Our Verdict

9.1Overall Score

Very good versatile stability shoes focusing on comfort and daily training.

Don’t have time to read the full review? Here’s what you need to know.

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 is a daily trainer crafted with comfort and protection in mind, primarily for moderate paces. Very similar to the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880 v13, it comes with stability features for overpronators.

The midsole features Fresh Foam X foam. It’s pretty dense, delivering a firm underfoot feel in the heel while retaining an overall softness with good shock absorption.

The new structured, breathable technical mesh upper provides a good lockdown. The outsole, already stellar on past editions, comes with even more rubber for some of the best durability on the market.

In short, these are sturdy shoes to rack up the miles for runners seeking comfort, stability, and lockdown for their daily workouts.

Please read our full review of the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 for more information.

Foot lockdown and protection


  • Very stable shoes
  • Good lockdown and comfortable upper for breathability
  • Durable outsole
  • Effective cushioning for good shock absorption


  • Lack of responsiveness, heavy weight
  • Tongue too short for some testers
  • Firm feel that may not appeal to everyone


review New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13
Our marathon expert Julien Guyod testing his pair of NB 860 v13

New Balance is one of the heavyweights in the market, alongside Nike, Adidas, and others. It has a complete and extensive running footwear line-up, but it’s not always easy to understand the subtleties between the different models. However, the higher the numbers, the more the model is suitable for longer distances.

Therefore, the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 is quite similar to its “sibling”, the 880. However, it comes with additional technology for overpronation, which impacts the ride and running experience.

So let’s find out how good these shoes are and whether they can be suitable for you. I will base my analysis on my trial runs with these shoes and the feedback from other runners.


New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 cushioning foam

Do we even need to introduce Fresh Foam X? Present on most New Balance running shoes, this foam has a proven track record of delivering softness and shock absorption. With a high stack, it allows runners to tackle any distance for daily running.

In the case of the 880 v13, we have a 35 mm heel stack height with a 10-mm drop (25 mm heit in the forefoot). This provides enough cushion for long distances for most runners, including heavier ones.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 dual density foam

However, the underfoot feel is firm, especially in the heel, which may not appeal to everyone. Nonetheless, the ride is smooth and accessible to a majority of runners.

Energy return

julien guyod testing New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13

At 294 g/10.4 oz in EU size 42, the shoe is not lightweight despite being lighter than its predecessor. Combined with a moderate rocker, this doesn’t give the most responsive shoe. The energy return is relatively low and won’t be ideal for speed sessions.

However, transitions are fluid enough for a daily trainer, and the 860 should be sufficient for runners who don’t have performance and bounce as their number 1 criteria..

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 heel

Support and stability

The 880 was already a stable shoe, but the New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 is logically even more so, with its Dual Density Post technology for those who need support.

Simply put, the foam is dual-density. This means there are strategic zones under the foot arch (from the midfoot to the heel) to prevent the foot from rolling too far outwards upon impact.

It’s hard to judge the effectiveness of such guidance, especially when it comes to preventing injuries, but the shoes are undeniably more stable. If such a configuration has proven beneficial for you, then there’s no reason not to go for it.

Foot Lockdown

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 engineered mesh upper

The upper has been completely redesigned compared to the previous version. We’ve gone from an airy mesh to a more engineered, structured one with side overlays, padding, and embroidered lines to ensure good stability.

Some testers found the previous version almost too airy and not warm enough for winter. This time, runners unanimously praised the 860v13s for offering sufficient protection in cold weather while remaining breathable.

I found the fit very comfortable, as did the other runners I consulted. The seamless mesh prevents irritation and chaffing, and the lockdown is precise. The padded heel counter prevents slippage, while the flared collar follows the movement of the Achilles tendon, enhancing overall stability.

New Balance Fresh Foam X 860 v13 toe box

The only potential drawback is the internal gusseted tongue that many runners found too short. I didn’t experience discomfort like other testers, but I would have preferred it to be longer.

This model runs true to size, at least in length. However, for width, some runners with wide feet felt they didn’t have enough room in the toe box to be entirely comfortable, especially for long distances. Personally, I also have wide feet, and I didn’t experience any discomfort. I picked my usual size, and it fitted very well.


New Balance 860 v13 rubber outsole

The NDURANCE carbon-reinforced outsole rubber is sturdy and offers excellent traction. On the other hand, the thick layer and full coverage mean that the shoe is less flexible, amplifying the firm underfoot feel, but it’s a trade-off that helps maximize durability. Also, the deep grooves do help a little with flexibility.

Even on wet surfaces, the grip is excellent. The shoe performs particularly well on a wide variety of terrains. Without being a trail running shoe, there’s no problem taking it on easy dirt-packed paths once in a while.

Use Scenarios

New Balance 860v13 on feet

Let’s not sugar-coat it: the Fresh Foam X 860v13 is not for speed runs or racing. Its weight and lack of responsiveness make it unsuitable to pick up the pace comfortably.

On the other hand, the shoe’s comprehensive features make it a reliable choice for most daily running sessions, especially moderate-pace runs like fundamental endurance jogging. Shock absorption is satisfactory, even if the firm ride may deter some on long runs.

New Balance offers a complete, stable model, with good protection and excellent durability. Regardless of your level–experienced or beginner–, the 860 v13 will be a worthwhile addition to your rotation if you’re looking for an all-rounder trainer with enhanced stability.

embroidered logo in new balance shoes sidewall

Quality and Durability

The quality of the outsole is very high and I didn’t notice any signs of early wear after running extensively with these shoes (also on forest paths). As the mesh upper is also very sturdy, all signs indicate that it’s a model that should last a very long time, making it a great value pick!

We can also appreciate that these shoes use New Balance’s Green Leaf standard for eco-friendly design. For textiles, 50% or more of the materials come from recycled fibers or, for cotton, from sustainable cultivation methods.

The foam in the Fresh Foam X midsole contains around 3% organic raw materials.

However, according to our information, the 880 is not vegan, meaning it contains animal products.


New Balance Fresh Foam 860 v13 road running shoes

The New Balance Fresh Foam X 860v13 follows in the footsteps of previous versions and completes the brand’s series, offering a reliable stability trainer guiding the runner’s gait to prevent overpronation.

It’s a good pick for beginners looking for a single model to do everything as they progress or for more experienced runners who need sturdy shoes on the firmer side for easy to moderate pace sessions over any distance.


New Balance FF 860 v13 unboxing

Technical Specs

Pronation typeOverpronation (stability)
Drop10 mm
Heel height35 mm
Forefoot height25 mm
Weight (men)294 g/10.4 oz
Weight (women)243 g/8.6 oz
FeaturesRecycled materials, Eco-friendly
Release year2023
PriceCheck prices




OutsoleNDURANCE Rubber
MidsoleFresh Foam X, Dual Density Post
UpperEngineered Mesh


SpeedSlow, Moderate
DistanceMid, 10K, Half marathon, Long, Marathon
WorkoutDaily running


runner wearing New Balance shoes

New Balance 860v12

There are few new features, the main ones being :

  • A more ecological design
  • More rubber on the outsole for better traction and durability, but a firmer feel in return
  • A redesigned upper for improved lockdown
  • V13s are slightly lighter

The two versions are very similar, and you can fully afford to buy the v12 if you see it during promotion periods.

Julien Guyod

Julien Guyod

Julien Guyod, 40, is a math teacher and freelance writer. He took up running in 2015 and specializes in marathons, clocking in with a 2:38 personal best at the La Rochelle marathon in France. He's passionate about running shoes and loves to share his impressions of the models he's tested, always pushing the mileage further to discover more insights!

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