Brooks Ghost 14 vs. Levitate 5 (2022)

The Brooks Ghost is the flagship shoe of the American brand. It’s a model that has evolved over the years. And even if some versions have been better than others, its popularity has never wavered. As for the Levitate, it’s an underdog with some notable qualities.

First of all, it’s important to know that the Ghost is a neutral shoe and that version 14 has some stability issues because its cushioning is soft and can lack structure. In contrast, the Levitate 5 is available in two versions: neutral and GTS (Go-To-Support, for overpronation). Overall, it offers better stability, even in its standard version.

Regarding the cushioning, it’s still night and day: the Ghost has a soft cushioning while the Levitate is firmer, even if the former has a slightly thicker sole (31 mm heel stack height compared to 29 mm for the Levitate).

Durability is equivalent: both shoes have a durable rubber outsole and can last a while.

In terms of lockdown, the Brooks Ghost 14 is rather loose (with a mesh upper), while the Levitate’s fit is tighter (with knit).

Last but not least, the Ghost is much lighter, with nearly 30 g/1.1 oz less on each foot.

Ghost or Levitate: which one to choose?

Unless you prefer firm cushioning and need impeccable stability, we recommend the Ghost, which is more versatile and performs better overall.

The extra weight is not insignificant for the same comfort and cushioning.

Side-by-side comparison

Bottom Line
A comfortable and versatile shoe that offers soft cushioning and a flexible foot lockdown
Great comfort
Pleasant and more responsive cushioning than the previous version
Versatile and accessible shoe
Durable, carbon-neutral, and 100% vegan
May lack stability
Foot lockdown is a little loose
A shoe with a comfortable mesh upper and firm cushioning for fans of the brand
Firm cushioning (for those who like it)
Shock absorption
Stable platform
Perfectly fitting upper
Decent bounce
Good quality
Elegant, almost lifestyle look
Firm cushioning (for those who don’t like it)
Too heavy
Rigid and uninspiring platform
A little expensive

Brooks Glycerin 19

Brooks Levitate 5

Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutralNeutral
Drop12 mm8 mm
Heel stack height31 mm29 mm
Forefoot stack height19 mm21 mm
Weight (men)283 g/10 oz310 g/10.9 oz
Weight (women)249 g/8.8 oz265 g/9.3 oz
Release year20212021


OutsoleRubber, Omega Flex Grooves, Segmented Crashpad Rubber
MidsoleDNA Loft DNA AMP
Upper3D Fit Print, Engineered Mesh Engineered Mesh, StealthFit


Softness (1-5)4 – Soft 2 – Firm
Bounce (1-5) 3 – Moderate3 – Moderate


SpeedSlow, moderateSlow, moderate
DistanceMid, long, 10 km, half marathon, marathon Short, mid, 5k, 10k, half marathon
Workout Daily runs, recovery Daily runs, recovery

Kevin Le Gall

Kevin Le Gall

Kevin is the founder and editor of Runner's Lab. He started running in 2015 and completed his first marathon in Rotterdam in 2016. He's also worked for Under Armour from 2016 to 2018 and helped launch their running collection in Europe (in particular the HOVR shoes). In addition, Kevin is a 300-hour certified yoga teacher (Sivananda) and uses this experience to run more mindfully with a focus on well-being over performance.