Altra Mont Blanc vs. Olympus (2022)

We’re not gonna lie, these 2 models of the Altra brand are very close for an identical objective: long-distance trail running.

Beyond their common characteristics (a wide and zero-drop platform, and a spacious toe box), some notable differences come to distinguish them and give the advantage to one or the other according to the criteria.

For starters, regarding the midsole, the advantage goes clearly to the Altra Mont Blanc. The EGO MAX foam performs better than the EVA A-Bound in terms of responsiveness and comfort. Trail runners who have tested the 2 shoes felt like they were growing wings with the latest model of the brand! Note that the Olympus 4’s midsole is a few millimeters thicker, but it doesn’t feel more cushioned.

Next, the upper paints a more complicated picture. The Mont Blanc is lighter, especially with its ultra-breathable engineered mesh and slightly narrower platform. However, the Olympus 4, takes the lead in terms of foot lockdown and support.

On paper, the Olympus 4 also seems to have the edge in terms of durability. The MegaGrip Vibram rubber Lite Base version of the Mont Blanc is certainly lighter than the classic version, but perhaps less durable over time. To be checked in a few months!

Finally, the grip is better on the Mont Blanc model according to testers.

Altra Mont Blanc or Olympus 4: which one to choose?

As in many situations in life, it all depends! With a lighter weight and a more responsive bounce, the Altra Mont Blanc is clearly a shoe for more fun and faster running (at least the kind of speed that ultramarathon running allows). So it will suit you better than the Olympus 4 if that’s your ambition.

If you know you need extra support in terms of lockdown, then the Altra Olympus 4 seems to be the better option.

Side-by-side comparison

Bottom Line
A trail shoe designed for long distance running and ultra trails, combining high cushioning, responsiveness and lightness
High-stack cushioning with responsive bounce
A pleasant and flexible ride
Remarkable comfort
Excellent grip on various terrains
Lightweight and breathable upper
A big Achilles heel at the level of the heel: the collar is too wide, the heel slips at the back of the shoe
A complicated adjustment to find
A very good trail running shoe that’s ideal for long runs with its maximum cushioning and wide platform
Great comfort
Maximalist and springy cushioning
Comfortable upper with ample lockdown and spacious toe box
Sturdy model
Effective traction on intermediate level trails
Still on the heavy side
High price
May be insufficient on very technical trails

Altra Mont Blanc

Altra Olympus 4

Technical Specs

Pronation typeNeutralNeutral
Drop0 mm0 mm
Heel stack height32 mm33 mm
Forefoot stack height32 mm33 mm
FeaturesGaiter attachment pointGaiter attachment point, Toe cap, Zero drop
Weight (men)272 g/9.6 oz318 g/11.2 oz
Weight (women)238 g/8.4 oz289 g/10.2 oz
Release year20222020


OutsoleVibram LiteBaseVibram MegaGrip
MidsoleEgoMax, Natural Ride System (NRS)A-Bound, Inner Flex, FOOTSHAPE, Balanced Cushioning
UpperEngineered meshEngineered mesh, Premium Tongue, gaiter attachment system


Softness (1-5)4 – Soft4 – Soft
Bounce (1-5)4 – Bouncy4 – Bouncy


SpeedModerate, fastSlow, moderate
DistanceMid, long, marathonMid, long
WorkoutDaily runsDaily runs, recovery
Aurore Rousseau

Aurore Rousseau

Aurore is a runner and a writer. She fell in love with running and trail running in 2013. Since then, the pleasure of running in the middle of beautiful landscapes has never left her. Aurore loves to travel, and the few finisher medals she is most proud of are: her 2 "road" marathons (Rome 2015, Copenhagen 2019); the Trail du Ponant in Belle-Île (2016); and the Mont Blanc Marathon (2017).