The Best Nylon Plate Running Shoes of 2022

The Best Nylon Plate Running Shoes of 2022

Nylon is a softer but heavier material than carbon. Therefore, it’s a good alternative for runners who find carbon plates too harsh under their foot. It’s also an excellent option to get comfortable with the working of a propulsion plate.

These running shoes are slightly cheaper than carbon plate running shoes. As such, their lower price tag makes them a more affordable solution for daily training.

Most brands have a nylon plate model to shadow their flagship carbon plate shoe. For example, Nike’s Tempo NEXT% is the Nylon twin of the AlphaFly NEXT%. In Saucony’s range, the Endorphin Speed is a fast workout shoe meant to alternate with the marathon-focused Endorphin




Stack height:


Pronation type:

Saucony Endorphin Speed 2
Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Terrain: Road
Heel Height: 39 mm
Drop: 8 mm
Cushioning: Balanced

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Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% Flyknit
Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT% Flyknit Terrain: Road
Heel Height: 46 mm
Drop: 10 mm
Cushioning: Firm

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