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La Saucony Ride 13 is a very good road running shoe comfortable and suitable for all types of training and distances. One of the shoes of 2020!


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9.4Overall score
Very good, versatile and comfortable running shoe with responsive cushioning and improved upper
The Saucony Ride 13 is a versatile road shoe in the same class as the Nike Pegasus. This new version shows major changes (as the rest of the Saucony range in 2020). Thus, we find a new mesh, more traditional, which replaces ISOFIT. The result is impressive according to the testers who tried the shoe. The foot lockdown is very precise in the middle but wider around the toes to leave them enough room. However, note that the upper is a little thick which can be a problem in very hot weather. Then, in terms of cushioning, the sole is thicker with 32 mm under the heel and 24 mm under the forefoot. The PWRRUN technology that combines EVA foam and TPU provides a fairly firm yet snappy cushioning that is suitable for tempo and fartlek sessions. Besides, its flexible and well-thought-out configuration gives the impression of being lighter than its actual weight (288g for men, 244g for women). Also, the blown rubber under the forefoot contributes to the shoe's good rebound while the firm rubber under the heel protects it from wear and tear. As you can see, this model shines with its versatility and comfort. The testers did not note any major negative points. In short, the Saucony Ride 13 is a great running shoe for runners looking for a model that is perfectly suited to all types of training and distances. Comfort 9.5 Service life 9.5 Value for money 9.5 Design 9 FOR Great comfort Upper with impeccable support Comfortable cushioning and springy bounce at the same time Solid shoe Good versatility AGAINST Slightly high weight Thick upper a little warm for summer
Value for money
  • Great comfort
  • Impeccable foot lockdown
  • New cushioning that is more springy than while remaining a little firm
  • Highly versatile
  • Nice design
  • Sturdy shoe
  • Slightly heavy
  • Thick upper a little warm for summer

Model: Saucony Ride 13



Heel to toe drop

8 mm

Heel stack height

32 mm

Forefoot stack height

24 mm


Weight (men)

288 g/10.2 oz

Weight (women)

244 g/8.6 oz

Release year


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  • For starters, there is firm rubber under the heel of the Saucony Ride 13’s outsole. It allows the shoe to resist wear and tear from asphalt to improve its durability. The area under the heel is particularly prone to rapid damage as this is the area where most runners land. In addition, the athlete can run with confidence, even in bad weather, thanks to the effective grip of the shoe.
  • In addition, the outsole of this road shoe model also features blown rubber under the forefoot. This light and flexible material allows the shoe to follow the movement of the foot for a more snappy ride. This is especially important during the propulsion phase when the foot pushes the ground to propel the body.
  • Finally, the flex grooves provide a greater range of movement for the foot by allowing the sole to flex easily. The aim is to ensure a more springy run for greater comfort.


  • The midsole of the Saucony Ride 13 features the PWRRUN cushioning technology. This is a soft, lightweight TPU and EVA-based foam that is used throughout the entire length of the shoe. It disperses shock while running for optimum comfort. Also, this technology should contribute to a more responsive ride by maximising the energy return.
  • The FORMFIT technology that equips the upper also takes the form of a non-removable insole that completes the cushioning and supports the foot.


  • The upper of the Saucony Ride 13 features a double-layer engineered mesh. Its purpose is to securely lock down the foot throughout the runs for optimal comfort. Besides, it is equipped with perforations to let your foot breathe and prevent it from getting too hot during effort. On this model, FORMFIT technology replaces ISOFIT. In practice, this results in a more classic mesh and, according to the brand, a more intelligent foot lockdown that adapts better to your movements.
  • The semi-thick padded tongue improves the comfort of the shoe by gently wedging the foot into the shoe.
  • Finally, the semi-flexible heel counter comfortably holds the foot at the heel for a more effective and pleasant lockdown during training. Its upper part is soft to respect the Achilles tendon.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the Saucony Ride 13 true to size?

This road shoe uses a regular sizing system. Athletes who have tested it note that it runs true to size. Therefore, you can choose your regular size. However, if this is your first pair of Saucony, it is recommended to try it in-store to make sure you choose the most optimal size.

Is this shoe suitable for overpronation

This shoe is a neutral running shoe. Thus, it is designed to fit all athletes independently from their type of pronation. It doesn’t feature stability features to correct the stride and prevent overpronation. However, remember that there’s no proof to date that stability shoes are more effective than neutral shoes in reducing the risk of injury. Therefore, we advise you to choose your shoes according to their comfort, which is the most important criterion. Thus, you can choose this model independently from your pronation, as long as it is comfortable.

I weight more than 85 kg. Is this running shoe suitable for me?

To our knowledge, only one study to date has looked at the relationship between weight, sole thickness and risk of injury. According to the conclusions of this study, minimalist footwear can increase the risk of injury for athletes weighing more than 71 kg. Apart from this, there is no advice for other categories of running shoes. The Saucony Ride 13 offers ample cushioning with 32 mm under the heel and should, therefore, be suitable for all runners.

Are these shoes suitable for running a half marathon or marathon?

This Saucony road shoe is very versatile and can be used for all types of training and distances. So you can use it for your daily sessions, whether you focus on distance or speed or both. In addition, this model offers generous and comfortable cushioning which makes it a good choice for the marathon.

Comparisons – Saucony Ride 13 vs :

Saucony Ride ISO 2

The new mesh of the Ride’s 13th version is a clear improvement. It offers a perfect foot lockdown. Also, the new cushioning configuration, with new foam and a thicker sole, offers a more responsive running feeling than before. One can only regret that the shoe is a little heavier (10g more) even though this can be explained by the thicker sole.

Saucony Triumph 17

These two shoes offer very similar configurations. However, the athletes who tested both models unanimously preferred the Ride 13 because of its bouncy cushioning that gives a lively ride. In addition, the Ride 13 is lighter than the Triumph 17 thanks to a more streamlined design, especially at the upper.

Saucony Guide 13

We are again dealing with two shoes that are very close in terms of characteristics. However, the Guide 13 differs on one major point: its pronation support. Indeed, it is a stability shoe for overpronation and is therefore designed to correct the movement of the foot. We do not recommend this type of shoe in the absence of scientific evidence unless of course you are used to it and find it comfortable. When in doubt, choose the Ride 13 as it’s a neutral running shoe.

Brooks Ghost 13

The Brooks Ghost 13 offers a more flexible but less springy configuration in terms of cushioning compared to the Ride 13. Runners who have tested these two shoes also found the Ride more versatile, while the Ghost 13 is primarily suited for daily training at medium speed (e.g. recovery runs).

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Athletes who have been able to compare these two champions of versatility preferred the Ride 13 because of its flexible platform and responsive cushioning. However, the Pegasus 37 has the advantage of being slightly lighter and more breathable thanks to a better ventilated upper.

Asics Gel Cumulus 22

The Cumulus 22 offers a thinner sole with 24 mm under the heel compared to 32 mm for the Ride 13. These two shoes offer feature very impressive uppers with a perfect foo lockdown. However, the Cumulus 22 is better ventilated which makes it more suitable for summer. Regarding the cushioning, the Ride 13 is a clear winner in this duel thanks to its naturally bouncy platform that makes the race more dynamic.

Saucony Ride 13 road running shoe review

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    Very good, versatile and comfortable running shoe with responsive cushioning and improved upper.

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