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The Mizuno Wave Sky Neo is a comfortable albeit heavy daily trainer with an outstanding cushioning.

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The ultimate cushioning for daily training... or an expensive bulky shoe?
Available primarily in Europe thus far, the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo is creating a buzz from overseas. Promoted as a highly-cushioned daily trainer with a miraculous midsole, expectations run high for the Neo, no pun intended. However, runners who tried the shoe had drastically different things to say about their experience—and not all were satisfied.

The midsole of the Neo, crafted with bouncy Enerzy foam, is immediately comfortable upon step-in. Soft and responsive without being mushy, this shoe offers a unique experience from comparable alternatives. Alternative models, like the Wave Rider 24, also use Enerzy material for the midsole; however, the Neo combines Enerzy Core with Enerzy foam and Mizuno Foam Wave technology. The result is triple the cushioning in one supremely comfortable midsole. Runners were overall impressed by the combination of plush feel and bounce that's often hard to nail down with a trainer. Also noteworthy is the shoe's knit upper, which is made with extra eyelets to prevent heel slipping and secures feet effectively. The Neo's outsole is durable while still allowing flexibility and features a small section of the exposed midsole (visible through a recessed hole in the heel). This is, presumably, purely for aesthetics rather than for any purpose or functionality.

The Wave Sky Neo performs but misses the mark for runners keen on a more lightweight experience. The shoe's stack height doesn't help with its clunky feel—approximately 40 mm under the heel, weighing 337 g/11.9 oz for the men's version. This extra weight made it difficult for some users to get the most out of the Neo as a daily long-distance trainer. Its heaviness, coupled with the sky-high price tag, should make runners stop and consider other options before splurging on the Neo.

In summation, the Neo may be the right choice for runners who prioritize midsole comfort. Some users who tried the shoe swear by it. However, keep in mind that the shoe's limited availability might mean it will be weeks before you receive your purchase. Additionally, if you're looking for an affordable trainer that won't slow you down, it's worth your while to explore alternatives.
Value for money
  • Great comfort
  • Impressive cushioning both comfortable and snappy
  • Durable build
  • Precise and pleasant foot lockdown
  • Costly shoes
  • Heavyweight

Model: Mizuno Wave Sky Neo



Heel to toe drop

10 mm

Heel stack height

40 mm

Forefoot stack height

30 mm




Weight (men)

337 g/11.9 oz

Weight (women)

299 g/10.5 oz

Release year


Bounce (1-5)

4 – Bouncy

Softness (1-5)

4 – Soft


Half marathon, Mid distance, Marathon, Long distance


Slow, Moderate


Daily running, Recovery

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  • The outsole of the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo is equipped with X-10, a robust carbon rubber made to last on roads. This configuration ensures an impressive grip.


  • the Mizuno Enerzy is the newest cushioning technology of Mizuno as of 2020. It’s lighter and softer than U4ic, the other Japanese brand’s flagship technology.
  • Mizuno Enerzy Core also equips the midsole. It’s the high-end version of Mizuno Enerzy. It provides lightweight, suple, and long-lasting padding with an explosive energy return.
  • Mizuno Foam Wave: a dual-layer foam plate shaped like a wave in the midsole. It enhances impact absorption and support for a smooth ride.


  • The upper of the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo features WaveKnit, a close and stretchy knit that offers precise and comfy foot support. It’s naturally breathable for more comfort.
  • The external heel counter keeps the foot secure in the shoe to avoid slippage.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo true to size?

Yes, runners who ran with this model confirmed that it fits true to size. Therefore, you can buy your normal size for running shoes. However, if this your first pair of Mizuno shoes, it’s better to test them in-store to avoid surprises.

Is the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo suitable for overpronators?

Yes, this shoe should be adapted to everyone. Indeed, it’s a neutral running shoe. As such, its goal is to suit all runners independently from their pronation type. It’s not equipped with support technologies to correct the movement of the foot and help with overpronation. However, there’s no proof that stability running shoe models are better than neutral shoes to prevent injury.

I'm a heavyweight runner (more than 187 lbs/85 kg. Can I run in the Mizuno Wave Sky Neo?

Yes, this model is suitable regardless of your weight. What’s more, with its high stack height (40 mm under the heel) and comfy cushioning, it’s a shoe that’s especially comfortable for heavyweight runners.

Is this shoe a good choice to run a marathon?

Let’s note that the most important criterion to choose what shoes to wear during your competition should be your personal preference. If you can comfortably run at your race pace over mid to long distances with your shoes, then it should be fine. At any rate, the Wave Sky Neo has a stack height of 40 mm, which provides a high level of impact absorption and makes it especially suitable for long distances.

Comparisons – Mizuno Wave Sky Neo vs:

Mizuno Wave Sky 4

Both shoes are very similar in terms of weight and cushioning. Most runners preferred the Neo overall because of its superior cushioning despite the hefty price difference.

Mizuno Wave Rider 24

The Wave Rider is the Japanese brand’s flagship shoe for daily training. It also uses the Mizuno Enerzy cushioning but with a lower stack and lighter build. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced daily trainer with good versatility, go for the Wave Rider 24. If maximal and comfortable cushioning is your main criteria then the Neo is the obvious choice.

Mizuno Wave Sky Neo review road running shoes

Mizuno Wave Sky Neo rubber outsole

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