Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 vs. Pegasus Trail 3

These two popular Nike trail running shoes offer comfortable cushioning with a relatively high stack.

The fit of the Pegasus Trail 2 was looser and felt more comfortable at the expense of stability on technical trails. Luckily, Nike improved the upper of the Peg Trail 3, especially around the midfoot. As a result, it’s now more on par with the Terra Kiger, though the fit of the latter remains more secure overall.

The main difference between these two Nike trail shoes lies in the grip. The Terra Kiger 7 is more effective on tricky surfaces like mud.

Terra Kiger or Pegasus Trail: which one to choose?

We give the nod to the TK7 for its overall better performance, especially grip-wise, and lighter build.

However, if you’re looking for a door-to-trail versatile shoe that’s enjoyable on easy to moderate terrains, then the Peg Trail is also a solid option.

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