New Balance Fresh Foam 880 vs 1080

Living in the shadow of New Balance’s superstar, the 1080, cannot be easy! Yet, with its sturdy and all-round design with impeccable lockdown and snappy ride, the 880 is clearly underrated.

While both shoes have a similar weight and stack height, the 1080 v11 feels a tad more cushioned compared to the 880 v11. Runners noted that the ride of 880 was smoother but not as stable as that of the 1080.

Also, the 880 behaves much more like a classic trainer than the 1080 in terms of ride.

Regarding the lockdown, while ultimately the size and shape of your foot will play an important role, the upper of the 880v11 appears to be superior, even though it’s not as streamlined.

In short, both shoes are a very good choice for daily runs of all distances. Overall, runners tend to lean towards the 880, but the 1080 may be more suitable if you are looking for soft cushioning. Also, the minimal design of the 1080’s heel counter is better for athletes suffering from Achilles pain.

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