Mizuno Wave Rider 25 vs. Ultima 12

In the shadow of the Wave Rider, the flagship model of the Japanese brand, the Ultima remains a very popular running shoe that is worth looking into.

Both shoes have the same stack heel height (32 mm) but with a different drop: 12 mm for the Rider and 10 mm for the Ultima. Therefore, the offset is less pronounced on the Ultima, which also gives it a more cushioned forefoot.

In terms of ride, the cushioning of the Rider is softer and more responsive, especially with the new Enerzy foam, absent from the Ultima. However, the Ultima offers more structure with firmer cushioning.

Finally, the Ultima is clearly heavier with 50 g/1.8 oz more than the Rider. That’s a big difference!

Wave Rider vs. Ultima: which one should you choose?

Overall, we recommend the Rider for its more modern and lighter design. The comfortable and bouncy Enerzy foam gives it a big advantage!

However, the Ultima’s extra 2 mm of cushioning under the toes and massive structure may make it more suitable for heavy runners.

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