Brooks Ghost vs Brooks Glycerin

As you can see from the fact sheet below, there’s not much difference on paper between these two models.

The Ghost 14’s cushioning is more responsive than the Glycerin 19’s. Brooks was able to improve the Ghost’s energy return, which was relatively poor on the 13.

The Ghost 13 (2020) has a narrower platform, which translates into less room, especially around the forefoot and toes. However, the Ghost 14 (2021) has a more generous fit with a softer foot lockdown. The Glycerin 19, on the other hand, is also wide and roomy. If you’re not sure, it’s best to try these shoes in-store to pick the most comfortable option for your feet.

Finally, the outsole of the Ghost 14 has more rubber, making it more wear-resistant than the Glycerin 19.

Ghost or Glycerin: which one should you choose?

Very similar overall, we recommend choosing the Ghost 14, which stands out with its more responsive cushioning and better durability.

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